He Likes The Meat

on 07.10.2013

A friend of mine has this theory and only likes to fuck thick girls because of it. He says that thick girls have more meat down below which provides pressure and keeps their pussies tighter, where as thin girls who don't have the meat have looser pussies. It's an interesting concept, and he's very adamant about it. But don't get thick confused with fat. We're talking maybe 20 pounds or so overweight. I'm not sure if the same goes for fat chicks, but I'm also not even curious. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
My girl has a little meat and I’d have to agree. She is tighter than my ex and my other gf’s who were thinner but also hornier because fat cells store estrogen.
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 2:45 PM

fat chicks swallow but their pussys are huge on the outside and tight on the inside because they dont get fucked as much has nothing to do with the fat because there is no fat around the female organs on the inside. but the outside gets fucking cow huge and looks like one!!
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 2:49 PM

well the experts above have spoken what more is there to say
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 3:17 PM

LOL Vulture....I guess that’s it then? I might add.....in my youth I had fun with a few Thai ladies who were very tight indeed but not that enjoyable. The older and slightly bigger lady is a better fuck that’s true.
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 4:39 PM

More cushion for the pushin’!
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 5:10 PM

thick fat is fat and you white boys love them that way FACT
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 5:51 PM

In my years of scientific research(I can type this ,but I can’t say it with a strait face) I’ve discovered the tight pussy is totally random. Little French model had a loose one and a big fatty had a tight one. I "shoplifted the booty" from a single mom of 3 once.(a hot Aerobics instructor from my gym) Her pussy was so tight the condom kept pulling off. That would explain the 3 kids. lol
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 8:04 PM

CS is getting weak these days
posted on: 07-10-13 @ 11:47 PM

May be his cock is just small
posted on: 07-11-13 @ 4:59 AM

Fat chicks give the best head because they’re always hungry. And if we could fart through our dick, all the fat chicks would have rectum breath!
posted on: 07-11-13 @ 9:38 AM

I dont know about that...my girl is in good shape and has a way tighter pussy than any of the slobs that I fucked before...no matter how much I try to wreck it with my 8 incher it stays tight...
posted on: 07-11-13 @ 12:31 PM

@bigtalk. Wow im shocked all the niggs I know love some ugly fat discusting pigs...im guessing your really a white homie
posted on: 07-11-13 @ 12:33 PM

^^^@Zmolez: are you counting the 4" inside your abdomen and the 1" enshrouded with pubes?
posted on: 07-14-13 @ 2:01 PM