House Is Painted!

on 07.22.2013

Over the weekend I decided to paint my house. Well, that was actually decided a few weeks prior, mainly I just got the house painted this weekend! There's nothing like getting out there at say 8 am in South Florida to start painting and by 8:23 am, you are already soaking wet with sweat. I would also like to add that the people at Home Depot are assholes. They try to sell you this expensive fucking paint that will cover any color with one coat. That shit doesn't work. Fucking waste of money and time. I had to go over it at with two to three coats. Next time, it's cheap primer and cheap paint all the way. Hell that shit has to be better than the crap they used 20 years ago. But in the end, after two days, the whole house is done, and it feels good. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
"DISTURBING...ISH" video posted by henry is very disturbing, i bet this site has lost several female members because of that.
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 2:32 PM

what the fuck you live in? a shoe box? 2 days? took a fuckin week to put one coat on my kellogge house.(my house was built by and lived in by one of the kellogge brothers, they had a grist mill here in my town back in the late 1800’s called the BUCK & KELLOGGE mill)
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 2:39 PM

either use nicotine blocking paint, or stop smoking all those blunts inside the house.
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 3:32 PM

Much easier to hire an ugly hooker to paint your house. They will do anything for a few bucks.
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 3:34 PM

And the worst part that expensive all in one paint is going to start peeling in a about a year or less..sorry Jay.
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 4:11 PM

Hire a spray painting machine. Much quicker, uses less paint and lots easier!
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 4:42 PM

I’ve seen pics some of your construction equipment over the years; you don’t have an airless sprayer?
posted on: 07-22-13 @ 8:18 PM

Don’t forget to paint your nails too you tubby fuck!
posted on: 07-23-13 @ 2:05 AM

Next time try Lowes for paint.
posted on: 07-29-13 @ 8:06 AM