on 07.30.2013

So, reposts...hmmm...what do y'all think about em? Other than the obvious ones who cry about them. Do y'all think reposts happen, here and there, because we don't pay attention? Or, do you think we do it to fuck with y'all? Or do you think we don't give a fuck? I'll tell the one it definitely isn't. The last one. We definitely give a fuck! We give so much of a fuck that...well...we care a lot! We really do. On to other things. Like.... --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 3:52 PM

If the reposts are pictures of fine big tits and juicy arses then repost all you want I say. The rest of the shit can jolly well fuck off however.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 3:53 PM

No YOU don’t give a fuck. If you did you would take all of two minutes to see whats been posted the last few days. Jay and Adam may give a fuck, but you sure as hell don’t. I hope Jay don’t pay more than about ten bucks a week and that would be generous. Just because it’s a part time job don’t mean you should do it half ass. When somebody hire’s you to do a job, you should do it as good as it can be done. I’ve worked with lazy workers that just do good enough to keep their job and get a check. Then they want to bitch that they don’t make enough money or are not treated right. It don’t matter what type of business you go into anymore, there are worthless fuckers everywhere and it just pisses me off.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 3:56 PM

Is theis weeks Week In Crazyshit a repost too?
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 4:08 PM

I have a way to stop so many reposts, give away CS Tshirts to the first few people in the PG that can point it out with the correct date at time of the original posting,or a refund to the VIP members.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 5:13 PM

or you can just fire Henry and Adam.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 5:16 PM

Cory H.
Only white boys repost. FACT! Oh shit. I had an identity crisis for a moment there.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 5:49 PM

Honestly, I believe that about 10% of the reposts are the staff Fucking with us. 10% of the time you are just running low on shit to post, and a repost looks better than blank space. The other 80% of the time it happens is just you guys being incompetent fucks. If it was "to mess with us" as Henry alluded to, then he would have been making lite of it LONG ago. Honestly, I think that there is so little quality control in the Crazyshit office that you can come in, do lip service to you job, and as long as you don’t post kiddy porn you keep getting paycheck. You guys really don’t have any incentive to do anything more.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 7:00 PM

all i know is the leg and hand pussy has be fine as fuck lately!
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 7:22 PM

I would like to thank tgarner & cuda1179 for saving me some key strokes. I just want to add that I was on here at 3:30 EST & the posts weren’t done yet.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 7:33 PM

Its not Henry’s fault; he’s Canadian.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 7:39 PM

Just lazy as fuck with an poor excuse to be that way!
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 7:51 PM

H. You post dick picks to fuck with us.
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 8:53 PM

henry is the man!
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 8:57 PM

Umm how do i set up my pic
posted on: 07-30-13 @ 8:59 PM

Y'all are a bunch of whiney cunts when it comes to free porn and carnage.
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 12:47 AM

Man this website has more fucking little Whiney fucktards then dr.phil and Oprah shows put together . It's a repost deal with it and stop being bitchez ! Get the fuck out of your mothers basement and get a job so you don't sit on this website so much that you notice every minor detail about everything . Cheers
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 12:48 AM

Boo fucking hoo. You couldn't wack off to your favorite free website as soon as you woke up. Probably pissed your mommy didn't buy you the Kleenex with lotion too. :( No she got them, she's just afraid to bring them to your room in the basement.
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 12:50 AM

Go figure ..who cares
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 3:13 AM

I have to agree with tgarner Henry, it is just pure laziness.
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 3:22 AM

I think when you repost you should owe us a video or picture the next day that is not a repost. Shit happent..its OK. Im suggesting a way to make up for it.
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 9:13 AM

i dont mind the repost im just happy someone is willing to drag themself out of bed and go to c.s hq and post something
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 1:27 PM

fuck it
posted on: 07-31-13 @ 5:19 PM