Popapalooza 2013

on 08.02.2013

Well, I'm back from Brazil and the main thing I've learned is that you should never go anywhere that the pope is going to be. I had my trip planned for a long ass time, then this cocksucker decides to come to Copacabana with over 3 million mindless Catholic sheep to ruin a perfectly good vacation. I've never seen such idolatry before. People worshiping some old pedophile and running after a shitty pickup truck to touch a homemade statue of the Virgin Mary as if it will give them some mystical powers. What a freak show it was. Millions of these zombies from all over the world slept on the sidewalk, street, and beach just to watch the pope talk on a big screen. And then after it was all over, they just picked up and left, leaving all their garbage covering the entire beach. I guess they thought God was going to pick it up. I always knew Catholicism was fucked, but now I've witnessed in mass proportions how much of a cult it really is. Wow!! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What`s the difference between religion and a cult ?????? About 2000 years.
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 2:33 PM

all sheep need a shepherd take me for example all these c.s crackers follow me and hang on my every word some begging for my audience no i understand the pope and just like him i just sit back wave and think what a pack of fucking idiots
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 2:42 PM

sounds like they could use a religious brazilian down there
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 2:47 PM

There was never any god and there isn’t going to be any. accept the fact you fucking piece of shit fanatics.
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 2:49 PM

Mass Proportions, no pun intended huh! LOL
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 3:09 PM

Adam you should have worn a long frock and a pointy hat and walk through em with a big plate collecting money, you’d be worth a fortune if you had
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 3:19 PM

That’s exactly what it is.... SHEEP - and the strongest following of sheep... That sucks though... did you go to Rio??? I was out there a while ago learned to surf on that banging ass beach, I bet the Vatican Bank made a KILLING
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 3:22 PM

So, after all the preaching about "racism" from the Crazyshit staff this is what we get? There was never even an attempt to make it funny. The next time someone goes off and called Muhammad a self-admitted pedophile and the founder of a racist, pig-fucking, cult of murderous bigots then I you better be fine with it.
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 3:27 PM

Cory H.
Cuda, How are you getting racism from Adam’s rant about religion?
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 5:57 PM

religious fanatic: noun people that can not think for themselves
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 6:13 PM

So glad I’m not Catholic !
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 10:15 PM

did the nice man in the funny hat rub your croych and give you his phone number?
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 10:35 PM

Could have been worse Adam, you could have been in a Muslim country surrounded by millions of Alan akbars all wanting to cut off your head because your American and white!
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 10:44 PM

Cory, I never stated it was racism. I just think that it’s a little funny that you give us so much shit about racism, then trash spiritual beliefs. However, by your post, am I correct that the official Crazyshit stance is that we can’t make fun of a race, but it is A-Okay to bash a religion or culture?
posted on: 08-02-13 @ 11:53 PM

Cory H.
Ok. I understand. Thank you for the clarification.
posted on: 08-03-13 @ 12:00 AM

you might wanna get yourself tested, since you fucked a bunch of ladyboys with no condom brah
posted on: 08-03-13 @ 12:43 AM

The pope smokes dope
posted on: 08-03-13 @ 1:13 PM