Holy Fuck!

on 08.04.2013

I've got nothing today. I'm so fucking tired it's fucking ridiculous. Been up since like 3, did 6 miles in the ocean with the kayak. Got burned to shit. Now, I just want to fucking sleep for a few hours before work tonight. Man, I haven't been this whooped in a while. Time to get back on the total-gym so I can be a bad-ass like Chuck Fucking-Norris! That dude is in amazing shape and he's almost as old as Clint Eastwood. Kind of, old Clint is 83 and Chuck is 73. Still, they're both pretty bad-ass and old! Love always --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
those two should make a movie together and call it "the last nigga" fucking white ppl
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 3:19 PM

" I’m so fucking tired it’s fucking ridiculous" Park your ass in a lazy boy recliner and you’re feel better.
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 3:23 PM

" I`m so tired i can`t see straight " Joe Pesci in the film JFK.
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 3:33 PM

Henry M.
Potrostation, I'm about to plant my ass in my ladies bed. I reckon a lazyboy would be a wise purchase. Although, I'm sure after sitting there long enough the leather will soak up my ass stench.
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 3:51 PM

^^^ Why not just be fat, lazy, Crisco-laden lumps of marsupial shit like the rest of us Crazyshitters?
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 3:54 PM

Henry M.
^^^ I think y'all got that covered. I'd hate to steal your thunder.
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 4:11 PM

The only thunder that’s heard is the sound of my cock hitting the ground after i unzip my pants.
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 5:54 PM

^ why do you keep a male chicken in your underwear ? . .
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 7:17 PM

If you did six miles in the ocean, how did you get back?
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 8:11 PM

Eastwood & Norris WILL be fit, they’ve never done a hard days work in their life or had to worry about money! Helps also being rich as fuck and having your own personal trainers, dieticians, cooks etc..... I bet they don’t even wipe their own bell ends after a drippy piss the cunts.
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 8:49 PM

stfu brah
posted on: 08-04-13 @ 10:09 PM

"You could flip, I’ll survive, m’kay, motherfucker?/ On my block still doing twenty-five a day./ I know you work out; chest and your back all nice./ But the twelve gauge’ll have your six pack on ice, what?
posted on: 08-05-13 @ 2:11 AM