Football Is Almost Here!!!!

on 08.06.2013

It's that time of year where we are all hopeful that our team is going to make it to the Super Bowl. Where you end up reading all the news, and watching the recaps of training camp. It's exciting for sure, well kinda exciting. Hell, I was sick as a dog for the last few days, and all I could do was watch training camp videos for the Steelers, and watch movies. Which leads me to my second point. How those hopes and dreams just get stomped out and peed on, like a camp fire, once the actual season goes. Your quarterback gets hurt, and the star player gets busted on a gun charge. Down the tubes your dreams for Super Bowl glory. Ahh I do miss football! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
what the fuck ever happened to the good old days of football? i want the 78 steelers team back. i want superbowl 16 again!! i am sick and tired of all this fucking drama brought into football!! i can hardly stand to watch it anymore!!!
posted on: 08-06-13 @ 4:52 PM

Hey, at least your not a Lions fan :-( But we love em anyway!
posted on: 08-06-13 @ 5:17 PM

All this drama is in football because the new class of players is competing to get their own reality tv shows and make a shitload of easy money.
posted on: 08-06-13 @ 7:45 PM

gridiron is so fucking gay
posted on: 08-07-13 @ 12:16 AM

Biggertalk, the ONLY thing I’ve heard you say that I agree with. It’s like watching fucking paint dry.
posted on: 08-07-13 @ 10:31 AM

Football sucks... its for gay people by gay people...the steelers suck...pittsburgh sucks..I hate living here with all the stupid polish people
posted on: 08-07-13 @ 12:04 PM

Holy shit I gave biggertalk a +
posted on: 08-07-13 @ 12:07 PM