I'm Going To Miss Y'all...

on 08.11.2013

...said no one ever! Anyhow, I should be getting some word back at the end of the month for some work overseas. That'll be a nice change from sitting here rotting in South Florida. I have a great dislike of comfort, security, routine, etc.... That shit just begs for complacency to set it. I love change. I love when things go to shit and you have to re-evaluate. Doing the same old shit for too long really takes a toll on you. More than likely my overseas work will get me into harms way. In harms way, I reckon, it's a lil harder to become complacent and lazy. At least if you love life...like I do. What do you guys think? Are you lazy turds satisfied with mediocrity and routine? Are you active folks on the same page with me? Let me know your thoughts. Eat a dick up till you hiccup, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You only get one ride on this thing called life. Ride the hell out of it H.
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 1:28 PM

well henry i hate your fuckin reposts but god damnit dude, why the fuck you gonna try to get yourself killed doing civilian security in the middle east for? fuck dude we were only jokeing we don’t wanna see you get your ass killed for reposting! i know the money is good 50-60k for 3-6 months work is not worth dieing for! my buddy is a ratired ranger and he’s been doing that shit for 5 years now. fuckers been shot 3 fucking times and hit with schrapnel 2 times and had 4 ied’s blow his ass off the road!!! and he keeps going back. oh he’s rich as fuck but what god damn good is all that money if your fucking dead hank?
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 3:00 PM

^^^^^ WORD!!!
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 3:16 PM

Just think of all the remembrance reposts of Henry getting shot we could have!
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 4:14 PM

Henry you said "Doing the same old shit for too long really takes a toll on you." Then you must really be fucked up since all you do is routinely put up repost!!!
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 4:24 PM

I grab life by the horns and make it my bitch.
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 5:05 PM

I hope to god this job you don’t fall asleep doing ,because a mistake will be with your life....good luck but I AM NOT GOING TO MISS YOUR INCOMPETENT ASS ......Fuck you,fuck off and good luck, Vinnie.
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 5:06 PM

well, do something different, put some effort in to CS
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 8:51 PM

the only active thing these crackers do is stuff their fat faces with fastfood all day and use two fingers to jack off and troll site after site but they do all their bitching and whining about repost here at c.s you crackers receive way too much welfare FACT have a good one hennessy watch your six
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 9:44 PM

no more reposts? awww shiieet
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 9:53 PM

@bigtalk Aparently you haven't frequented a fast food joint in a while because if you did the first thing that you would notice is the 300 plus pound dark diabetic that's menu-raping the joint. God damn you are one ignorant, illiterate English raping douchebag.
posted on: 08-11-13 @ 11:01 PM

Cory H.
Best of luck, Henry. And with all the commenting about reposts, yesterdays repost titled "AHHHHH, THE SLUTS! AHHHHH, THE SLUTS!" garnered almost twenty thousand unique views. That would put it towards the top of the past couple days of hits. Logic would say: If it’s not what people want, then they wont come. That certainly isn’t the logic the views are showing though.
posted on: 08-12-13 @ 12:20 AM

Best of luck Henry. Stay safe, and don’t fuck any camels unless you wear a rubber.
posted on: 08-12-13 @ 1:28 AM

Never, ever set foot in an islamic country ( or shithole )
posted on: 08-12-13 @ 12:36 PM