Boston AIDS

on 08.15.2013

I'm pretty sure I have Boston Aids. That is what I call the funk that I got from riding the subway. To be honest, riding the subway drunk. I might have humped a couple bums, and licked a handle bar on a dare. I might have. Things got fuzzy after this Scorpion Bowl thing. It was like a bowl of liquid roofies. Next thing I know, I am just waking up at my hotel. No memory of leaving the bar, or walking home etc. It's no wonder I love Boston. Except for being sick. That sucks. I'm off to go cough on someone. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay, welcome to my world.
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 2:51 PM

No memory of sucking the homeless guy off eather? We got it on film and im starting a new website called crazyershit.com to show it off lol jk.. dont eat too many beans n beer and shit your self
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 3:18 PM

2indaass i already knew you had aids
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 4:13 PM

most crackers on here do bigtalk!
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 4:16 PM

^^hey bigmouth fuckers, you might think us white people are deceased but you fuckers have lo or no IQ. FACT!!!!
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 5:02 PM

"lo" BWHAAAAAAAA spoken like a true cracker FACT white boys
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 5:46 PM

fuck the dumb shits, only aids you can get in boston is the bgtalk brothers aids.
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 10:24 PM

theres two types of aids crackers have from birth one is aids the disease the next one is aid aka welfare BWHAAAAAAAAA FACT!!!
posted on: 08-15-13 @ 10:29 PM

Man, that’s proof that white people have much less aids then.
posted on: 08-16-13 @ 12:55 AM