Car Alarms

on 08.23.2013

When you hear a car alarm going off, do you rush outside hoping to catch a car thief in action? No, I didn't think so. Do you not even look out the window and think to yourself, hey somebody should turn off their fucking loud ass annoying car alarm? Yeah, that's what I do to. It makes me wonder, what is the fucking point of car alarms? Nobody else gives a shit if somebody is stealing your shit. All anybody wants is for the god damn car alarm to shut the fuck up. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If car alarms were wired to a 1/4 pound of C-4 instead of the fucking horn, we would have either fewer car thefts or fewer car thieves.
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 9:18 AM

my car alarm plays porn so everyone looks. my car is always safe.
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 11:49 AM

i always wonder if its going to be going off all night
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 12:43 PM

should have one that sreams fire or rape. everybody wants to see a fire or a good rape. atleast 2indastink would show up.
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 12:51 PM

There is a system in South Africa that is perfectly legal, it shoots a flame out sideways if anyone tries to carjack you, should be legal the world over i think!
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 1:54 PM

My alarm sounds off by the remote the car is silent, it tells you when your door or trunk or when the car is rocked without a screaming horn..
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 6:09 PM

i step outside and yell "shut the fuck up!!"
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 6:12 PM

Cheaper insurance.
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 7:06 PM

Alarms are good for alerting people but easily overcome by a good thief. For real security you should fit a secret immobiliser switch, wired to the main loom.
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 7:08 PM

Biggertalk meant to say he climbs down from his branch and yells "shut the fuck up."
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 7:28 PM

@ crazyvet after my third car was stolen I fantasized about doing that. I wanted it on a RF remote; I’d just drive around pushing the button looking for the mushroom cloud.
posted on: 08-23-13 @ 11:52 PM

naaah honkie365 I meant to say I get out of bed with your wife and then go outside and yell stfu
posted on: 08-24-13 @ 12:20 AM