Happy Labor Day

on 09.02.2013

Happy fucking Labor Day! I don't get holidays off myself, but I do use them as an excuse to do less work than I normally would. It's even a good time to drink at work. Not that Jay would give a shit if I drank on a non-holiday. But that doesn't even matter since I'm currently abstaining from the devil's juice. Instead I'm chugging a kiwi, mango, kale, watermelon smoothie right now and it is fucking delicious. It is also going to make me shit my ass out in about half an hour. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
hey idiot today is the 3rd but I guess you would think today was the second cause u guys forgot about us yesterday
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:08 PM

My girlfriend makes spinach smoothies which i drink but i only do out of love. I actually prefer banana, strawberry smoothies with ice and protein.
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:13 PM

Hey maybe you should add some vodka to that smoothie. Gives a healthy mindfuck.
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:16 PM

hay Adam...when Jay goes to Texas are you still gonna work at Crazy Shit ?Id sure miss your black ass...;)
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:17 PM

i see you got suckered into paying 10 bucks for a drink. just because it has a name the length of a english sentence.
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:35 PM

Cory H.
In what part of the world is Shitbox residing that today is the third day of September?
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:50 PM

^ Damn Ozzys!^
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 12:54 PM

Cory i think shitbox means nobody bothered to do a good job by doing a do it yourself pick and mix yesterday, so they thought yesterday was labour day ?
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 1:08 PM

Smoothies? I’ll take a fresh pot of tetleys tea with full fat milk and one sugar please. P.S, any scones?
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 1:27 PM

Im an idiot but cs staff still can eat a dick this week
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 5:01 PM

Jagermeister & Redbull....mmmmmm gives your self-control wings
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 6:21 PM

C.S. should give me an honorary v.i.p for these zingers. Tosh 2.0 gets millions for his lame shit.
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 9:07 PM

every day is labor day in the talk household!
posted on: 09-02-13 @ 10:51 PM

listen.../i’m so pretty i get bitches without riches./so pretty my homeboys mistake me for one of my sisters./i fuck black sistas miscegenated through mexican mixture./i got pretty bitches who speak spanish and say "my nigga."/a fixture in my life is bitches trying to take my picture./"what’s your name?" "what’s your number?" but i leave them bitches bitter./thirsty ass bitches can’t draw water from my river./i’m a sinner. i like stuck-up brawds who think they better./i don’t persuade’em they’re not better; i let’em lead me on their tether./i play sheep to bellwethers till they forget i might be clever./trust me, i ’m naught but an abattoir to these hefers./i gain their trust and their pussy. Then fuck’em once and don’t remember-/a name or a number, and when i see’em, it’s like ’whatever.’/bitch called me a ’demon.’ ‘handsome devil’ sounds better...
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 6:22 AM

^^ third world brain at work..stupied bastard says his "homeboys"mistake him for his sisters. Them some ugly bitches then.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:26 PM