Guess Who's Banned

on 09.03.2013

Well, I was going through comments yesterday to see how you guys have been doing, and I have some news that will make many of you pretty happy. I banned bigtalk for multiple irrelevant racist comments. I'm sure some of you are tinkling in your pants right now. I'm not sure yet how long the banning is for. I'm thinking somewhere from 2 to 4 weeks. We'll see how things go. I was admittedly a little hesitant to do it because his absence could really throw the scales out of balance here. Now all my attention is on you white devils. Plenty claim that they only leave racist comments because of bigtalk, but that's obviously a load of shit. Who's getting banned next? This should be fun. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
If you ban all the Racist's who will you have left?
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 12:57 PM

Hope you remembered to lock the back door.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:01 PM

I'm Directing My Racial Discrimination Toward The Akbar Fuckers Now. I Think That's A Lil More Constructive. I Love Black People.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:16 PM

you should let feircepierce back...at least he wasent racist
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:28 PM

Adam seeing as many members think bigtalk is a creation of the cs staff, does that mean that you’ve banned yourself for however long it suits? And what of biggertalk? Does that idiot get banned or is he a cs creation, made to stir things up and attract new members? Hmm.....
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:42 PM

thank god!! my black friends were starting to get really upat with his big mouth!! now we can all concentrate on a common hatered, fuck msulims and fuck alQuida!! any one wanna go down to alans snack bar and beat the fuck outta some sand nigg....towell heads!!
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:43 PM

Those Damn Muslim Fuckers Are Every Where. I Live In Bum Fucked Northeast Louisiana In A Town Of About 2000 People And There Are At Least Ten Terrorist Owned Gas Stations With Ten Miles Of Our Town. They've Already Infiltrated Our Country. And We Paid Them To Do So.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 1:58 PM

Yeah, Like he isn’t back on with one of the dozen other screen names he has (Hell he even admitted to it). And in my opinion the so called "Ban Hammer" is for pussies! Who gives a fuck if everyone spurts racist shit or not? If a man lets a word control him then he deserves to be put down. I laugh when someone calls me Honky, Cracker, Peckerwood,Bubba, Hillbilly, Gringo, Hick, Saltine, Redneck... Etc.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 2:42 PM

I think this banning of big talk might make it boring on here now. He was a jackass, yes but I was very entertained by all the white guys comebacks. Give him another chance, not cause I liked him though.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 3:09 PM

dont care, i just ignored people that talk complete shite
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 3:35 PM

I agree with you englishgent. I believe that bigtalk is a member of the c.s. staff, inserted to stir shit up. How racist would I be if I put in my avatar "I only hate black people?"
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 4:56 PM

Better question is, "Whose voluntarily leaving Crazyshit next because of in creased Pussification of the administrators"?
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 5:35 PM

I bet even bigtalk is like, "about fuckin time!" LOL
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 6:01 PM

delete someone from the other side of the scale & it’ll balance out
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 6:19 PM

I just ignored the turd.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 7:16 PM

Nevermind that shit, I think this site needs more user boobs. Lots more. Yall can sit n bitch like women, ooorrrrrr shut the fuck up n stare at some nice user tits and enjoy!
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 9:52 PM

Racist shit will never stop.. Look at the videos you upload..
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 9:57 PM

Time to ban but no time to update the News, Jokes, or Literature in two fucking months. Keep up the fine work.
posted on: 09-03-13 @ 10:11 PM

posted on: 09-04-13 @ 12:22 AM

Im still convinced that Bigtalk is an admin. Its a conspiracy to mess with the masses.
posted on: 09-04-13 @ 8:28 AM

Phone call to c.s. "yes I’m the owner of bang bros. And I’m offended at the racest comments on your site, I’m gonna pull my money and advertizment if you don’t control them white devils". C.S. OH FUCK....please don’t take your money. Point being you fuck with their bottom line then......poof you be gone. Kinda funny it was the black guy HaHaHa
posted on: 09-04-13 @ 11:50 AM

Cory H.
posted on: 09-04-13 @ 11:25 PM

Cory H.
Shit. Thought I was logged into the Biggertalk account. My bad.
posted on: 09-04-13 @ 11:27 PM