What The Fuck?

on 09.07.2013

Man, what the fuck? I don't get the fanatical liberal left. They seem to be the most bigoted group of turds in existence. They want G.W. Bush to be put on trial for war-crimes but the current administration is, in essence, approving the backing of the Taliban in Syria and all I hear is crickets! Bunch of hypocritical cunts! Now, I do have some liberal friends, only 2 at time though they're like the Sith, that have their ideals and aren't bigoted. I can have an intelligent conversation about opposing views and we can agree with each other or agree to disagree. But there isn't any name calling or the typical liberal retort of being called an uneducated conservative or radical right-wing nut-job. Of which I am neither. Anyhow, in short, I fucking hate hypocrites! If you're against something be against it no matter who or what the cause. On another note, where the fuck are the tits? We need more user tits! It's still warm out, have your lady bust them shits out and write how much she loves us on them! Fuck yeah! Do it! Send em here! Till tomorrow, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I dont want to read your political horseshit.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 11:41 AM

What do you call a basement full of liberals??? A whine cellar
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 12:44 PM

Life's like my legs..... Too short to give a fuck.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 1:01 PM

Long live the seven freedoms.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 1:29 PM

Love how he throws Star wars in a real world political statement. Is Obama Mace Windu?
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 1:41 PM

Henry, trust me the more you know ;the more insane it will drive you. Then the overwhelming feeling of helplessness will make you want to kill yourself.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 2:17 PM

no one cares
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 2:24 PM

Henry I'm impressed actually. Ron Paul for president.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 3:25 PM

posted on: 09-07-13 @ 4:34 PM

posted on: 09-07-13 @ 4:38 PM

I tried to leave a comment. funny as fuck. Oh well. Look at the liberals in the white house. Carter, Clinton, Obama. And that god damned Pelosi. Wanna know why were fucked. There you go. And now these dumb fucks want to put Hillary in office!
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 4:39 PM

The Country Is Going To Shit. this Country Will Fall To It’s Knees One Day. And It Kills Me To Know That. I’m Am An American. My Family Has Shed Blood In Every American War Fighting For These Freedoms That This fucking Terrorist Is Trying To Take From Us. And I’m Not Just Some Asshole Red Neck On A Soap Box. I’m A Patriot Tired Of Being Pushed Around All In The Name Of Freedom By A Power Hungry Government.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 4:44 PM

Liberals, Conservatives, who gives a fuck. If you think the politicians on both sides give a fuck about anyone but their inner circle you are kidding yourself. Henry you a rooting for a team who really doesn’t give a shit about you....just sayin.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 5:52 PM

Well said happyjack! Hey Henry, post some tit pics you slag.
posted on: 09-07-13 @ 8:11 PM

fuck the right!
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 2:28 AM

When are you going to let feircepierce back in ?
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 3:42 AM

To all those who voted for the mulatto messiah..how is that "hope and change" thing going for you???
posted on: 09-10-13 @ 11:56 AM