Traveling Today

on 09.08.2013

If you are not a fan of the mega repost post for today, I apologize. I am flying back from Boston...-Jay...as you were! We had a little miscommunication. Jay thought my weekend work schedule was the same as last weekends. Last weekend was a fuck-story of work and little sleep. Anyways, updates are on their way guys. --Henry M.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Not only does it suck having a re-post, but none of those links have thumbnails. Just like last time, I’m not wasting my time on that. I bet I’m not the only one.
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 12:28 PM

Detroit 24 ,Minnesota 20.
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 12:29 PM

Steelers suck dick.. Go miami
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 12:35 PM

Take the day off. I am.
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 12:51 PM

Boy! You guys must be making a lot of money there at CS to be traveling all over the god damn place yet you sometimes complain that CS makes you pennies. Jay drives a nice Caddy SUV and flies on vacations everywhere, so does Henry, and so does Adam. Fuck! Wish i pretended to work there and make mad bank!
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 12:53 PM

Where's our refunds you lazy cunts?.,,,
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 1:02 PM

@urapnes Exactly the same thing i just said to my missus.
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 1:04 PM

i hate repost and football in equal amounts
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 1:34 PM

Here’s an idea...you hire some o0ne to do the weekend work and make sure they can actually work on the weekends
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 2:42 PM

Fuck! Got a new fone in now cant login! Fuckin shit!!! Service is gonna be up on this fone on the 13th! Guess i'll have to watch crazyshit on this old dino fone! After that dont know what the fuck to do! Emailed u guys yesterday! N I realise this is the weekend so i'll give ya a break! But pleeeze fix it. I am a VIP member ya know!
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 4:29 PM

U shoulda hit me up when u went to boston u fucker
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 7:04 PM

i thought you were leaving to be a soldier of fortune Henry . . Like the A Team. .
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 8:21 PM

he was sent home with the B team!
posted on: 09-08-13 @ 8:30 PM

blow me dude!
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 3:01 AM

Jay D.
@urapnes1701d, truth be told, I work with another company on a different project, and they wanted me to come to Boston.
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 9:03 PM