True Steelers Fan

on 09.09.2013

As I am sure a bunch of you out there are happy that football season started, as I am, there are a few more that are both happy and sad. Most of you are probably Steelers fans. Let me put it like this, I am a true Steelers fan, and I would never give up on my team. But after our season opener against the Kentucky...I mean Tennessee Titans, I'm going to go ahead and call the season. That's it, they suck. Now, there might be one saving grace, if the Steelers can just suck less than the other teams in the AFC north, and get a spot in the playoffs. That's just a pipe dream of course, but for now, I will wait until next Monday for the televised version of the suckfest that is Steeler's football. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Pull my finger
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 2:18 PM

Could be worse, You could be a Cowboys fan... Bwahahahahahah.........
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 3:16 PM

the lions suh is off to a great start, looks like he’s gonna make everyone hate him this year and not just most of the people.
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 4:42 PM

posted on: 09-09-13 @ 5:06 PM

I choose not to waste my time watching a bunch of uneducated pushed through college assholes who are grossly overpaid touch each other on a field.
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 5:23 PM

Suckfest? Being born and raised in the "D", all my life, (except for the 3 years I spent in prison), I have the Lions to look forward to. Suckfest huh? I think this is the year though. 11-5.
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 6:00 PM

Jay D.
11-5 huh? I heard Dolphin fans screaming when Reggie Bush tore down the field. "Why didn’t he do that in Miami!". And @ven0m89, my money is on Denver for sure. Denver v 49ers.
posted on: 09-09-13 @ 8:08 PM

more gayass gridiron shit? nigga pls
posted on: 09-10-13 @ 3:25 AM

Telling ya....miami is going to have a 1972 year. Fuck you haters
posted on: 09-10-13 @ 11:41 AM

No real football started a few weeks ago, yours is American football or Gridiron apparently!
posted on: 09-11-13 @ 7:42 PM