Fake Poop?

on 09.12.2013

How about we take a break from Miley Cyrus news, and talk about something important. Would you buy fake poop? Seriously? We have a potential advertiser that wants to put up ads for fake poop. I feel we might have a potential hit on our hands here, sorry for the pun. What goes better with crazy shit than fake poop? Maybe stink bombs. I'll try and see if they can do a stink bomb ad. Luckily for me, I have my own stink bombs. If you know what I mean. Well, I look forward to see some fake poop ads, to change it up from the regular porn ads we always have. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yea I much rather see fake shit than some fine pussy...sigh
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 2:38 PM

I may be a bit immature, but fake poop is great. The dollar store near me used to sell it and it was cheap enough to buy it by the shit ton (pardon the pun). I would leave it in the urinal at a bar, in beer coolers, the mall floor, drinking fountains and on and on. Good clean fun. But it has to be reasonably priced and shipping cost low too. Maybe you could even make some sort of contest. Have people video other peoples reaction to a nice pile in an unsuspected place.
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 2:41 PM

Why not just combine porn and shit ads, people like that shit, i like seeing a nice young lady getting a Cleveland steamer while playing with herself, mix shit up alittle
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 2:56 PM

I have four dogs, so I get all the free real poop I want.
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 4:56 PM

why not? the shit will go over good with the asian crowd!
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 6:03 PM

I used fake poop at work one time. Put it next to the building i worked with and poured Ortega taco beans on top of it and 2 wadded up pieces of toilet paper for effect. My co-worker was flipping shit; good times.
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 6:06 PM

" excuse me... You've forgotten your fake poo..." - "What fake poo?"
posted on: 09-12-13 @ 10:17 PM

Well i know of one product that might go better with Crazy Shit than fake shit, There is a woman who freeze dries and packages real shit , then you can send it to your friends or enemies to piss em off, although i completely forget the name of the product or what internet site i saw it on
posted on: 09-13-13 @ 12:13 AM

i’ll put some fake poop in your mouth pinky
posted on: 09-13-13 @ 2:41 AM

Next thing ya know he will want to put up ads from Spencer's gifts for bullshit in a can! Lol!
posted on: 09-13-13 @ 2:46 AM

As children a popular halloween trick we played on folk was light the dogshit. Simply put dog shit at the base of somebody’s front door, put paper on top and light it. Knock on door then run away. Guy opens door and sees fire so they stamp on it, natural reaction but then they get dogshit on their shoes. So funny.
posted on: 09-13-13 @ 5:48 AM

^^^^^^^ some old man looking at the steaming pile...GODDAMN !!!!! Ethel what did you feed the dog....flint & beans??
posted on: 09-14-13 @ 9:55 PM