Cold Cat?

on 09.15.2013

I have a question for you cat people out there. First off, let me say that I'm not a "cat" person at all. I don't want those nasty things in my house. Period. But we have a outdoor cat that comes around here in South Florida, and I have grown quite fond of the cat. So much so, that we had her fixed, and we feed her regularly. Added bonus, if I am outside talking with people that stop by, she will attack everyone. She's pretty cool for a cat is what I am saying. Now my question is this. If we take a outdoor cat from South Florida to the Boston area, can she survive the cold outside? I was thinking they make those igloo type homes for them. Or will she become a kitty popsicle in February? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Cory H.
From my experiences, it depends on how old the animal is. An older animal left outside to the elements of cold and heat usually doesn’t do well if one tries to bring them inside to live. The same can hold true in reverse. An animal that’s spent four or five years in a warm climate will be adapted to that easy climate and may struggle if exposed to sub temps.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 2:26 PM

i live in michigan. last year in the winter i woke up at 2 am it was 7 below zero. i left my basset hounds outside for 4 hours by accident. they survived just fine and they’ve been indoor dogs for over 9 years! so if those short haired house dogs can handle it, then that furry little mother fucker that eats folks legs should be just fine.....unless someones basset hound gets ahold of it, then its toast.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 2:30 PM

I’m from Boston, that cat will die for sure, but I hate cats so....
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 2:44 PM

most likely you’ll end up frozen pap smear like you mentioned earlier
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 2:45 PM

Get a basket and put a blanket it it. The cat will grow a winter coat. I have a cat just like this. She’s the ultimate low maintenance pet.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 3:25 PM

i’ve seen cats in estonia survive -30c, when it gets cold cats outdoors will find somewhere to shelter from the cold. my nieghbours cats come to shelter in my barn all the time which is great for me, it helps to keep the rats and mice down
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 3:29 PM

They can survive sure, but you could be a really nice guy and bring her in during sub zero temps
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 4:12 PM

If a squirrel can survive it...then so can a cat.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 5:10 PM

I fuck cats in the rectum.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 5:20 PM

You should bring the cat with you. Probably the only pussy you will get....ever...
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 6:33 PM

Personally I like cold pussy
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 7:32 PM

Dunno why none of these rocket scientists haven’t suggested putting a cat flap on your garage door. You’ll need litter box so there’s not piss and shit everywhere - just dump every 2 weeks.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 8:00 PM

My cat was an outside cat raised in the North Carolina heat. I brought him up north and he transitioned with no problem whatsoever. Since then though i brought him inside, potty trained him, and now hes the best little thing in the world. All i do is feed and water him; completely 0 litter mess.
posted on: 09-15-13 @ 8:48 PM

I am from Boston as well. The cat will frezze.
posted on: 09-16-13 @ 12:27 AM

If you're going to take the cat away from its environment the right thing to do is keep the cat indoors and introduce it slowly to its new surroundings. Don't just toss her out when you get there. If you can't be responsible about it try to find someone that will take her or just leave her behind..for her own sake. Hope this helps.
posted on: 09-16-13 @ 12:44 AM

i sharted once
posted on: 09-16-13 @ 3:31 AM

I grew up on a farm in Colorado with many barn cats over the years all survived the cold just fine, well those that didnt get eaten by the coyotes and owls anyway. Have to agree with hiddenevil. If you really like the lil bugger it may be best to just leave him be. Oh and Fuck you!
posted on: 09-16-13 @ 5:48 AM

@2indastink, you’ll fuck anything in the rectum as long as it has four legs lol jk
posted on: 09-16-13 @ 12:13 PM