Fuck This Would Be Awesome!

on 09.17.2013

I have this idea that would make the world a much better place, probably overnight. First we round up everyone that's ever yelled, "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!" Next we round up everyone that's ever yelled, "Worldstar! Worldstar!" Then we put them all in a square mile section of the desert surrounded by 30 foot high walls with cameras covering all sections. Then we see what happens. Maybe at some point we throw in some lions, tigers and bears. We could scatter some weapons in there too, but nothing that works long range. We want them up close and personal for the kills. But what if they actually all get along and work together to build a nice community and don't kill each other at all? I guess we'd just have drop some bombs in there then. Holy shit, I totally forgot about the Juggalos. We wouldn't want them missing out on all this fun. Get em' in there. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Hiel Adam!
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 2:32 PM

Cant forget the juggalos!
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 2:46 PM

So when are you gonna start to campaign? You got my vote.
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 2:47 PM

I agree...GTA 5 is fucking GREAT
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 2:53 PM

your gonna need a lot more than a sqaure mile. how about we just wall off florida and dump all the shit heads in there and let the huricanes fuck them all up and let them kill each ther off.
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 4:22 PM

don’t forget to throw henry in too
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 5:39 PM

Dude, you’re really stupid..
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 6:39 PM

Adam are you sure your name isn’t Adolf??
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 7:35 PM

Damn that would make a fucking AWESOME watch..... That’s not bad of an idea.... I would think they would all segregate while the blacks are selling dope, making rap vids and the fucking terrorists will be praying while creating bootlegged ass bombs and the Jugga pussies will be rocking shaggy whatever the fuck and his gay lover all obtaining herpes.......Once the Lions come in the first to go will be the allah fucks blowing up the fucking lions hoping for their fucking virgins... the others screaming "Allah Akbar" will fucking freak the fuck out of the niggers and they will scatter in panic and be eaten off because them lions like that sweet DARK meat OOOOHH WwEEEE!!! .... we can leave the juggalos to them tigers ... they speak for themselves.... After all is done we post it on CRAZY SHIT DOT MUTHA FUCKIN COM BITCHES!!!!
posted on: 09-17-13 @ 9:42 PM

The world would be better off without inbred shotgun toting rednecks.
posted on: 09-18-13 @ 2:57 AM

adam, you’re a sweetheart, but you forgot the mexicans, homie. my people can’t do right these days; we’re the new niggers. it’s all good, tho, cuz they can’t keep a black man down. but seriously, i’ll tell you what’s quintessential to mankind, and that is strife. or as the great church father john calvin once uttered:"a man at peace is a man lost." you get rid of all the undesirables and the very next week mankind will find (invent) a new enemy to hate and persecute. mankind’s a failed race. i long for the race wars or the zombie apocalypse; whichever comes first. i’m ready...
posted on: 09-18-13 @ 6:02 AM

...and wtf is a juggallo? sounds like a guy named vegas but with a slightly smaller twat. block me, pull my comments, bite my style and hate on me, and yet, it’s still HandsomeDevil4Lyfe. yuh kno!
posted on: 09-18-13 @ 6:21 AM