Keeping Things Secure

on 09.19.2013

We've all read about how Henry is out there keeping things secure at night, and last night I saw it for myself. I walked into the lobby of my friend's condo, and who did I see in his uniform keeping it safe? Yep, our very Henry. Naturally we talked about this delicious steak sandwich that has plantains instead bread. That sandwich is fucking amazing. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
"has plantains instead bread." You fags!
posted on: 09-19-13 @ 3:08 PM

what the fuck has florida done to the red blooded american man? bunch of fucking sissys have gone and fucked up a steak in the name of talking about food in a fancy way just to impress the women. back in my day we’d chop a hunk of meat off a live cow wave it over a fucking bon fire for 30 seconds eat it and say "hey bitch come over here and take off your cloths and start sucking my dick!" what the hell has happened to men in florida and california?
posted on: 09-19-13 @ 3:16 PM

i got the impression henry was going to some war torn hell hole to protect the innocent ! now i know he is just round the corner helping old ladies cross the fucking street !. ..
posted on: 09-19-13 @ 3:31 PM

I bet he was standing there all "Deputy Doofy" like....
posted on: 09-19-13 @ 6:54 PM

nigga stole my bike at night
posted on: 09-20-13 @ 3:21 AM

I live in florida and if I see you....well I’m gona stick that plantain right up your ass. Better put that steak on a biscuit.
posted on: 09-20-13 @ 2:02 PM