on 09.22.2013

Anybody watch the fights last night? I didn't, I went to sleep like an old-ass man! I heard a lot of complaints about the decision on the Jones/Gustafsson fight. Did any of y'all catch it? If so what did y'all think about it? How many football fans we got here? I haven't watch a single NFL game this year, nor will I ever again. Those guys, in general, are a bunch of overpaid whining bitches. Fuck them and their concussions. What the fuck do you think happens when you abuse your body? Put some money away for your future medical expenses you fucking retards. Take a hit like a god-damned man, as well. College football, I'm cool with, I'll watch that any day of the week. But, fuck the NFL and butt-fuck NFL! Anyways, I hope you fuckers had a decent weekend and are ready for the work week...I'm ready for my "weekend." Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Regarding the NFL i couldn’t agree with you more Henry. To pay mad cash for tickets to see a game that has grossly overpaid, pushed through college morons at its core pisses me off. The NFL is one of the biggest money making schemes around. Watch college; don’t be tricked into thinking the ritzy glamor of the NFL is where its at.
posted on: 09-22-13 @ 9:24 AM

I rather watch pee wee football than any NBA game..basketball is gay and anyone who watches it is gay FACT
posted on: 09-22-13 @ 10:27 AM

i agree the NFL and NBA are fucking jokes!! you wanna see heart in a football game go watch a high school varsity game or a college game. fucking kids on one high school team got more strength and fortitude than all those over paid bitch boys in the NFL and NBA put together!
posted on: 09-22-13 @ 1:13 PM

Jesus Christ you guys are fringe sports fans and best and are talking out of your asses. Do you know why pro athletes make a lot of money? Because the owners are making a lot of money and the players are paid accordingly. If you we're a player would you turn millions of dollars down? Of course you wouldn't. So if you want to be pissed at someone be pissed at the owners. As far as calling those guys pussies the smallest guy on an NFL field would absouletly destroy a college or high school kid. The nfl isn't some kind of scam, it's just a very well run very successful business!
posted on: 09-22-13 @ 5:17 PM

^^^^^^That smallest guy in the NFL was most likely a pre= season draft pic from an accredited college, on equal par with power, but not long term experience. College kids aren’t as destroyed physically as NFL players are. One thing i have no doubt about is the fact that you brought up the owners of the NFL. Almost all of their money comes from advertising, sponsorship, and lastly ticket sales. You’re right, it is a big, well run business, and its something I choose not to participate in. They took a completely wholesome and competitive sport and sold it out long ago for fanny packs, football jerseys, glitz and glamor, and money filled pockets. Fuck the NFL, Fuck the owners, and Fuck the overpaid players for selling out so they can get $6,000,000 a year guaranteed for 5 years and then be permanently taken out after the 1st game with a lef injury.
posted on: 09-22-13 @ 6:13 PM

posted on: 09-22-13 @ 11:54 PM

i like the idea that there’s a fighter named alex gustafsson out there.Lol that’s about as fear-inducing as a cloudy day. "hey, man; you don’t want problems with that animal." "who?" "alex gustafsson..."
posted on: 09-23-13 @ 5:11 AM