Just Buy My Shit

on 09.25.2013

I love selling stuff on craigslist. You always get to converse with the brightest people out there. Like people who see an ad and get your phone number, but somehow miss every single other detail that was clearly stated in the ad. Yes, please ask me four questions that were answered in the headline and first sentence. And please tell me how you've gotten this far in life, you fucking idiot. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
1st question...is your mom up for barter. 2nd..how many miles are on her. 3rd..would you be willing to take a dart board in exchange. 4th..why do you keep hanging up on me
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 2:31 PM

I like the ones that try to sell a used item for the same price as a new one
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 2:58 PM

Can we trade?
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 3:29 PM

I sold a car w/o engine or trans. Q: Does it run?
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 4:00 PM

I just hang up on them.
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 4:16 PM

Lmao, potro I’ve had similar selling shit on eBay. It’s like selling a unicycle and some dumb ass asking if its supposed to have one wheel?
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 6:47 PM

well adam what do you exspect from a bunch of horny ass men in the men seeking men section!! N.A.S.A. scientists?
posted on: 09-25-13 @ 7:47 PM

One time I was selling some old DMX CDs on Craiglist, this one guy wanted to buy them. He wanted to meet me on top of some abandoned multi-storey car park at 3 AM. Decided I would bring my Glock for protection in case I got into a full-blown shootout! I showed up and told him no sudden moves while I pointed my piece at him, and slowly handed him the CDs (one of them was "...And Then There Was X") he gave me the cash (20 bucks) and we went our separate ways...
posted on: 09-26-13 @ 12:53 AM

Cory H.
Biggertalk good story, Mofo. You’re completely full of shit, but good story nonetheless, cousin.
posted on: 09-26-13 @ 3:23 AM

Bigtalk the only thing youve ever sold at 3am in a dark parking lot is your ass
posted on: 09-26-13 @ 6:11 PM

+1 Biggie. Total bullshit but good fun.
posted on: 09-26-13 @ 8:46 PM