on 09.28.2013

Well guys, as you know Crazyshit Central Command is heading to the northeast. I fucking hate the northeast! Seriously fuck the whole god-damned northeast! But, it sounds like Jay's got a good thing going for him up there, so best of luck to my partner in crime. Adam's heading out to the west-coast. Another place that I don't think I have anything good to say about. I be like "fuck California!" Unless, of course, my new plan comes to fruition. In which case, I'll be, pretty much, gone forever from here and, well, I'll be living in California for a good long time. But, there'll be more news on that in the next four months or so. So, what the fuck have y'all been up to? Anybody got an good shit to talk? Anything interesting? Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i can talk shit...didnt have a dump yesterday had to rush out of bed this morning for HUGE double dump before i shit the bed, the aromatic stench was something else
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 2:23 PM

posted on: 09-28-13 @ 2:25 PM

I had hard sex with the wife this morning. Bit sore now, got carried away slightly. Took the dog and kids for a walk and now sat here watching X factor as is 20:20 here in sunny England.
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 3:16 PM

♪♫ woke up this morning,....and i raised my werry head farted like a banshee,...now my wife’s damn near dead.♪♫ .... don’t know where i’m going, ♫ and only god knows where i been!....im a crazyshitter on the run a six gun lover a farter in the wind!♪♫♪...shot dooooooown in blaze of methane. take me now before blow i out a tooth!!! i’m going down in a cloud of methane,......lord i never blew first but i blew first fart. i’m my fathers son..... they call me rockinron!!
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 3:28 PM

I Just spent $1800 on my cat cause his cock was blocked by Urinary Crystalsis.
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 4:11 PM

@ Ron: Weary*, "I blow", father’s. Damn son, hooked on phonics....
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 4:46 PM

Henry obviously don’t know what the North East is....so let me educate him. It is NY man...fucking Pennsylvania...Jay is going to Texas....mid west. Don’t worry...California will allow you to clean all the Florida humidity out of your brain
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 5:41 PM

@Siko666: Jay is going to Boston. He even said the next WICS would probably be filmed in a bar in Boston probably.
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 6:00 PM

Everyday is Saturday in the Talk Household!
posted on: 09-28-13 @ 11:59 PM

i come up with cocksinron like i cum from cock on your mom./ it’s like mexicans to lawns; it comes natural to me to be god./ to the sight, it’s lomb and bausch; self-evident who is boss./ these white boys, i merely floss; you white boys are merely dross./ i’m regal metal to my cross; the gold on my neck swings across./ i come across like lacrosse; catch these balls that i toss./ i got no sympathy for you, boss; you feeling cross then set it off./ i’m posted up with homies, dawg; with them fucking kaloshnikovs./ man, them choppers take of a lot; take of your limbs and you will crawl-/ fuck up in arms, you on your palms, prostrate before this god!/ FOH! H-D till i’m dizzy....swa666
posted on: 09-29-13 @ 6:12 AM

OK..I see now. Last thing I knew he was headed to Texas. I’m sure anyplace he goes he will find a few sickos to help run this shithole.
posted on: 09-29-13 @ 7:49 AM