Moving On

on 10.01.2013

I stopped by Jay's yesterday to help him pack a few things and say goodbye to my 4-legged buddy Pete. By now, the big guy might already be on the road to Boston to start a new chapter in his life. I too have been busy packing shit up and throwing shit away, getting ready to head out to California for a new chapter of my own. For the time being, Henry is staying in Florida, but that could change once he gets the opportunity to go shoot Somalians. So what's that mean for you? Not much I guess. You won't be getting anymore videos of us drunk together or eating at our favorite restaurants. And don't tell Jay, but your updates might be a little later than usual considering the three hour time difference I'll have to get used to. I suppose that's about it. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Cory H.
Best of luck to all three of you freaks.
posted on: 10-01-13 @ 12:46 PM

cali already has too many fags go some where else
posted on: 10-01-13 @ 1:02 PM

Hey Adam, Listen you fucking butt monkey, if you move anywhere near Riverside county CA, I want to buy you a beer. Hit me up in my inbox.
posted on: 10-01-13 @ 3:01 PM

you anal dwelling butt monkey!!! you best be getting your tranny ass outtaa the god damn bed 3 hours earlyier!!! what the fuck do you think your getting paid for? it sure aint your sloppy ass blow jobs!! don’t fuck with the assholes in the peanut gallerys update’s!!! we will find out where your new favorite glory hole is and have the bigtalks asses super glued to the other side!! so don’t fuck with our updates!!! and remember spaulding will be just around the corner!! we know you live......good luck out there fucker, and remember when useing a public toilet, don’t forget to wipe the seat cali crabs jump 15!!! feet!!
posted on: 10-01-13 @ 8:06 PM

posted on: 10-01-13 @ 8:17 PM

Good luck fellas.. Be sure not to misplace anything during your moves. I know I did. Regret for years...( where did my copy of Caligula and Hardware Wars go??? [ on VHS.])
posted on: 10-01-13 @ 11:22 PM

posted on: 10-02-13 @ 1:35 AM

Good luck whenever ya go! Home is where ya make it! Thx for fixin my fone fuckers! Love ya! Drive or fly safe!
posted on: 10-02-13 @ 2:30 AM

Don’t forget to forward your South Florida gay personals subscription to your new address.
posted on: 10-02-13 @ 3:13 AM