The State Of Pavement

on 10.04.2013

I got a one in a million chance to drive through New Jersey yesterday. Let me tell you the state of pavement is one wonderful place. Actually, it sucks. Sorry New Jersey people, it does. I would guess that the state makes most of their money off of the turnpike. Judging by how much they raped me when I drove through, with my car being towed. 47 bucks! Fuck that place. I'm now in Boston, and after having a few beers, it's time to figure out when and where all my shit will show up. For the people that are expecting shirts, emails and nut shots from me, it might be a few days/weeks delayed. Peace and chicken grease. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Going through New Jersey, just shoot everybody the finger. It is a sign of affection in Yankee Land.
posted on: 10-04-13 @ 3:10 PM

I like chicken grease! Makes my fro oh so soft, and da bitches love it
posted on: 10-04-13 @ 4:04 PM

When the casinos were pushing to come to NJ, they promised that the profits would go for "the senior citizens and roads in NJ". Bull fucking shit. Our roads suck. They are patches on top of patches, littered with minefields of potholes that can swallow an entire wheel. Crazyvet is right, the finger is saying "hello" here. Too much money going to politicians and fucking welfare, WIC and fucking EBT. Look at Detroit. Total Democrat rule, and it’s fucking bankrupt and a wasteland.
posted on: 10-04-13 @ 4:21 PM

now that your up north with me, no more acting like a southern redneck
posted on: 10-04-13 @ 7:55 PM

now that your up north buddy, no more going over to your sisters house for a little after noon delight!
posted on: 10-04-13 @ 11:26 PM

Welcome to boston hope you enjoy
posted on: 10-04-13 @ 11:50 PM

you went to joisey?
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 2:46 AM

New Jersey: The garden state. When was the last fucking time you seen a garden made out of concrete, blacktop, and crime?
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 6:09 PM

Urapnes...that’s a democrat garden.
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 1:03 PM

I wanna see a nutshot. Please.
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 1:08 PM