Another Lovely Weekend...

on 10.05.2013

So, let's hear what you guys have to say about the government shutdown. The House republicans and the Senate democrats can't compromise and therefore can't pass a budget. The Senate democrats have said that any changes to ObamaCare would be a deal killer and the House republicans want to change a few things about ObamaCare. I'm opposed to several things associated with ObamaCare, especially the, implied, criminalization of veterans. That's just a bunch of horse-shit. All veterans and current active and reserve military personnel have done, will do and will continue to do what the civilian populace won't. We took an oath to serve this nation and that oath has no expiration date. I find it deplorable to single out the people who have put themselves into harms way for their Nation. What's your thoughts? Love always --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I likes all da free shit..free greens, chicken and watermellon fo all dat get welfare like me...that obama care is how dey get mo poor working niggaz to pay for my free healthcare now all a nigga needs is a free house datz my own amd not section 8 and tax the working niggaz more so my lazy ass can drive another new Cadillac wit da gold keys to match my goverment paid grill on my teeth and of course ill put a obama sticker right by the gold fist air freshener in da back window yo
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 12:04 PM

Isnt communist policy fun? It works so well everywhere else they tried it lololol, fuck the while democratic party,it is a party of mentally challenged people that dont realize that everything they want to do or are doing has been tried before in other parts of the world and FAILED and isnt the definition of insanity trying the exact same thing repeatedly expecting different results??? Enough said... vote these unamerican bastards out and start the impeachment process...dumb mother fuckers
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 12:19 PM

AND YES I MISS GW BUSH and if you don't you are a weak minded minded propaganda believing fuckstick that didn't make it past 2nd grade
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 12:27 PM

During the last shutdown of 95&96 Monica Lewinsky blew Bill Clinton.The shutdown ended and he worked it out with congress. Can we sneak in a goat or a boy to blow Berry?
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 1:22 PM

So Alabama has gone back to slavery, i heard...
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 4:14 PM

Henry I applaud your patriotism. I'm old enough to remember when military personnel were referred to as heros not enemies. Being a vet myself I find it repulsive how the oath I took has been perverted to serve the NWO.
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 4:17 PM

I think we need to do SOMETHING about the healthcare bullshit that is going on. We live in the richest industrialized nation in the world and can’t give affordable health care to working middle class people and the elderly? But Congress and welfare addicts get free everything while the rest of us break our backs to pay our bills on time? WTF. I’m tired of corporations and religious asshats running this country and I’m tired of busting my ass at work so rich fucks can get tax loop holes and lazy fucks can sit home and get free shit.
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 5:38 PM

My thoughts which kind of go hand in hand with Preferemshaved is that anyone who has served in any branch of the military has sworn an oath to protect this nation and its citizens from enemies both foreign AND domestic. can anyone take a guess as to where the domestic enemies lie?....
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 6:01 PM

remember when the worst problem we had in washington was the president skull fucking a secretary!! i miss the good ole days
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 7:18 PM

obama for another term
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 8:51 PM

Tired of immigrants getting expensive health care when they didn't work a day here to put into the system , they probably didnt even put a day of hard work in their country of origin. In addition, they get free housing and food stamps in value greater than most of the lower middle working class can afford. Way too many of these low lifes take advantage of this system. They get their free wheelchairs (mind you these people can walk) and then play incapacitated colombo and smoke cigarettes and complain about their health too. Obummer is going to make it even easier for these worthless carbon emitters to get even more for free while the working people that actually paid for these services get less. Also its nice to that a large portion of American born bums take advantage of this system. It warms my heart to see a guy that receives gov.aid because he got a lawyer to brand him as disabled because he suffered partial brain damage from overdosing on coke . So now all he does is wait for he benefits to come in while he hangs around all day smoking weed with his buds. And yeah, most of them are black, so the working black middle class arent happy about these bastard either. Cant wait to see how much the working middle class is going to shrink within the next decade
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 9:22 PM

zmolez, Your one of those stupid cock suckers that think republicans do no wrong. Our entire government is fucking corrupt. If you don’t think so then I would say your a weak minded propaganda believing fuckstick that didn’t make it past 2nd grade.
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 9:25 PM

Cory H.
+1 for Biggetalk. Naw.. I’m just kidd’n.
posted on: 10-05-13 @ 10:03 PM

@spazman, you sir are the stupid fucking ass sucker, in a 2 party system that is bullshit in the first place you have to pick the lesser of two evils.are you retarded? Fiscally speaking the repubs are way ahead of the game and also govern in an American way...not these fucking commies that are in there today that have no regard for the constitution and the rights and due process of our representative republic,nothing good can come from socialism, marxism, communism,look at the blue states that are broke and red states that are doing much better...you fucking gump the facts are out there look the stats up for yourself and have a drive through Detroit or Baltimore at night..good luck you dumbass
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 12:15 PM

How is that hope and change working out for everyone. Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for the bastard. Put a Muslim in the white house and see what you get...
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 3:57 PM