Sunday, The Sabbath...

on 10.06.2013

I don't know about all that damn shit. I work every and any day of the week. I never say no to money. Neither do all those fucking lifetime welfare recipients out there. All those fucking pieces of lazy shit need to be cut the fuck off. I see people with better shit than me that just hustle the government. That's just fucking bogus. I wish that this shutdown cut all those worthless fuckers off. Now, remember, I'm talking about people who make government assistance a way of life, not the ones that have actually fallen on hard times and just need some help. We all need help from time to time. I say we help out the majority of Americans and cut those worthless mother-fuckers benefits off. I fucking hate em! If you couldn't tell. Hatefully yours, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
fucking fat nigger with 5 kids was getting out of a escalade at walmart last week. i was behind her in line and she paid with a fucking EBT card! how the fuck is it she gets one but the poor fucking white guy out front is holding a sign that says "welfare refused my wife and our 3 kids. we are starving i have no work and i am losing my house please help money or food excepted" fucking fat bitch and her screaming niglets drove by him and one of the niglets threw something out the window at the dude. i stopped and gave him a $20. fuck the system it dont work. we need to fire all the assholes in washington and start over from the reset point!
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 2:28 PM

Henry for president...how about ron as his running m8
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 3:02 PM

could call it "get you out of the crazy shit party"
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 3:05 PM

I like it when the bitch in line in front of me pays for her 300+ dollars of food with her EBT card. Then pulls out the Pulp Fiction wad of cash to pay for the Alcohol or cigarettes. Then when you follow her out to the parking lot; she loads the grocery’s in to an Cadillac Escalade.
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 3:11 PM

My sentiments exactly , amen brother, if we could somehow split the country so they can live in their own filth since were crackers to them and they can get their own gov. and pay for their own taxes and health care I'd be down with that as they say.
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 3:27 PM

No WICS ...... Change you name to lazyshit.com
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 4:09 PM

^^^Henry cant do that he’ll repost an old one
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 4:27 PM

At some point in your life you realize that it's important to just focus on yourself and your loved ones and not worry as much about what other people are doing (good or bad). If someone else is cheating the system, hey they have to live with that. If you are working hard and not cheating be proud of that and stay focused and your hard work has a chance to pay off. Fuck what everybody else is doing.
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 5:06 PM

You're a pretty smart guy when your sober happy j . Although it hurts +1 for you too.
posted on: 10-06-13 @ 7:30 PM

posted on: 10-07-13 @ 2:10 AM

I agree, nothing pisses me off more than some scumbag in front of me in line at the store with 2 carts full of garbage food I know I bought with my taxes waving their benefit card around proudly surrounded by 6 kids while I had to pick and choose half a cart and know I cant afford one kid Id like to have but I try to be a responsible person and go to work every day. I have had 4 spine surgeries, im in pain every fucking day and if anyone could get SSD or something I can but I am going to work till I just cant. Makes me feel good to earn all I have which is not much.
posted on: 10-07-13 @ 6:27 AM