Cunt Struck

on 10.11.2013

What's up with guys meeting some chick and then all of the sudden becoming totally pussified? Cunt struck is what my friend's dad calls it. I understand wanting to spend time with your lady and shit, but when you blow off all your friends just cause you're getting some regular pussy for the time being, well, that shit just ain't right. And you know the chick is going to get sick of his ass real soon too. Then he'll come moping to all his friends he hasn't given a shit about since he started getting some trim, whining like a little bitch. He better be buying all the beers when that shit goes down. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I know what you mean. I have {had} a friend that I used to hunt and fish with often. He’d come over and visit with my family- my daughter really liked him because he treated her like his own kid. Then, he got in with some church, met a girl there and changed overnight. No more visits from him, no phone calls, he quit drinking, quit smoking, sold all his hunting and fishing gear, sold his kayaks, and lives like a hermit under her command. He works three jobs to support this bitch that feels she should not work at all and anything hobbies he had before they got together are a waste of his time- time better spent with her. He sold off all his gear because she wanted the money. Last time I saw him, they were together and she constantly corrected his speech. The final straw was when she told me I don’t speak proper English, either. I told Scott that the leash and collar are around the wrong neck then I told her that I will speak any motherfucking way I be wanting to and she nor any other woman will dictate my life, hobbies, sports, work, finances and certainly not my speech patterns. Fuck that cunt. I am twice her age and have a far higher education than she could ever hope for. I most certainly will not tolerate that kind of attitude from anyone, least of all some snobby, wanna-be anal membrane of her ilk. I’ve also concluded that he is nowhere near the person he pretended to be. He turned his back on EVERYTHING he ever knew when he met her, including his own parents. He’s nothing more than a disposable douche to her. As soon as she finds the bigger, better deal, she’ll toss him away like he did all his friends and there will be no one around to help mend his broken heart.
posted on: 10-11-13 @ 3:35 PM

i have noticed its ok for the girls to go out on a girly night out but when a guy wants go out with his mates, boots on the other foot then
posted on: 10-11-13 @ 3:36 PM

fuck the bitch zedex!! your friend not the cunt he is with! your friends a bitch just like my buddy!! he did the exact same bullshit!! i guess if you never dumped your nuts down a womans throat, then one comes along thats really into that shit, she can really fuck up your life if your weak like my friend is and your friend is! one day that little bitch will come crying and i’m gonna tell him fuck you i dont suck dick and don’t turn my back on friends because some cunt will suck my dick all the time. weak ass people like that make me fuckin sick!! your no man if you let your dick control your life, your just a bitch!
posted on: 10-11-13 @ 5:35 PM

adam where the fucks the WICS? your not gonna fuck us outta them 2 weeks in a row are you?
posted on: 10-11-13 @ 5:41 PM

Cunt struck...good word. I’ve had friends fall victim to this terrible affliction also. Oh and Vulture, that’s so damn true!
posted on: 10-11-13 @ 6:53 PM

I would kick that cunt right in the balls
posted on: 10-12-13 @ 1:02 AM

posted on: 10-12-13 @ 1:56 AM

Sounds just like my old roommate. Fucking pussy whipped loser he is.
posted on: 10-12-13 @ 3:37 AM

bro’s b4 hoes man its that simple
posted on: 10-12-13 @ 8:51 AM

its cool to be getting some ass and want some fantasy-time-away-from-the-world with your chick, but don’t blow your friends off because of it. Don’t burn ur bridges over one person just sayin
posted on: 10-12-13 @ 9:26 PM