on 10.13.2013

So, yesterday I pulled two shifts. Seven hours at one post, an hour break and seven hours at another. During my first post, nothing really exciting happened. Other than the cops showing up for some domestic incident between a couple of crack-heads. Yay! Crackheads! However, when I first got to work I noticed a folded piece of paper in the golf-cart with "security" written on it. I paid no mind to it as I figured it was something from the previous night that my friend took care of. It was something from the previous night for sure.... After taking my next post, which happens to be the next building over, I get a call from my friend. He asked about the letter, I told him I saw it and paid no attention to it. He tells me he read it and I should meet him in the parking lot, as it was a disturbing letter. So, I start thinking, did someone make a threat? Nope, well, maybe? This is what the note said: "Interested in after work service? Bi-guy here and you are hot! If so email me blahblahblah@blah.blah Very discreet here." It was a note from his secret admirer. I was in fucking tears! My friend, not so much. I gave him hell all night! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You miss "don’t ask don’t tell" ,don’t you?
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 12:58 PM

15 hours in 1 day. truckers in the uk do that all the time....no big deal
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 1:36 PM

too funny
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 2:03 PM

Would a double shift be called a repost Henry?
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 2:39 PM

^^^^ hahahahahaha +1
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 3:49 PM

Last time I pulled a double shift, I got a hernia.
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 6:30 PM

You guys attract fags. No surprise here.
posted on: 10-13-13 @ 8:33 PM

what the hell is that
posted on: 10-14-13 @ 12:33 AM

bitches call me guapo, followed by diablo./joseph’s bout that guap, tho; countin’ like a clock, tho./with bitches on my cock, bro; ride it when the cock grow./a red-bone with afro... puffs, like the smoke goes./afghani kush laced with coke goes-/straight from my lungs out my nostrils. hostile-/and hollow like the marrow of a fossil- no soul./an apostle of the devil. veins pumping that ice-cold./iceburg pimpin’ in my mink stole, white as snow./players up, down with hoes. HandsomeDeviL- fuck foes!
posted on: 10-14-13 @ 6:57 AM

It was a polite note; being well-written, with good grammar and punctuation. It was left for a specific person, in a direct and discreet manner. What’s the problem? He could’ve $weetened the offer $ome though, if he figured your buddy wa$ truly $traight and all... LMAO :)
posted on: 10-14-13 @ 9:58 AM