Another Week Gone...

on 10.19.2013

...a week that you'll never get back. So, hopefully you weren't a complete shit-bag and did something worthwhile. With that said, my week has been on the worthless side. I mean, I'm getting paid well-enough for the detail I'm working this week, but, Jesus Christ is it boring! I've logged about 32+ hours of time, sitting on my ass in my truck. I've spent more money on gas running my air-conditioning in my truck than driving it. Today'll be another one of them days as well. Yay! So, have any of y'all had any break-throughs lately? And by that I mean a break-through while wiping your ass. Ya know, when you're wiping so intently that you bust through the "John Wayne" toilet paper for a little bit of that human finger paint. It's been a while since my fingers have touched a turd. Thankfully, that's never a good feeling. Nothing nearly as bad as stepping in dog-shit bare-footed. But, pretty shitty nonetheless....pun intended. Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Every week of yours is on the worthless side. Frequent reposts make it even more so.
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 8:00 AM

I'd rather have repost then dicks & trannys. Umm does henry even know how to accsess this comment section ?
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 10:54 AM

Things are nice here... I don't have any shit between my toes, I've been laying healthy fecal stones, sippin on my fifth of Russian Standard.... Deja view!!! This is just like LAST weekend!!!
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 11:15 AM

Didn’t he blog the same thing last week?
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 11:28 AM

a simple fuck you henry should suffice gentlmen
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 1:02 PM

^^^No thanks. If I gave a fuck I'd be typing that.
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 5:28 PM

Its not like we hate/mad at you henry, just get your crazyshit together. These guys have dropped you lots of advice on how to improve. Like tits instead of dicks. Like take a minute to make sure its not a repost. We drop advice to help you & make CS better. So maybe some extra gruesome clips & tits God damn it ! And Krokodil clips, seen some fucked up addicts that are right up these guys alley. Good luck bro.
posted on: 10-19-13 @ 7:56 PM

that’s nice
posted on: 10-20-13 @ 1:19 AM