Dog Meets Skunk

on 10.23.2013

This is no love story. This is a story of pain and sadness. Let me add in anger as well. Being from South Florida, my dog, and myself have never had a skunk encounter. That all changed on Monday night here in Boston. As usual my dog, Pete, likes to go out to drop the evening deuce. As he is out there, about to drop the brown boys off, he see's some white thing and bolts for it. He quickly comes back and starts rubbing his face in the grass. Then the smell hits me. This asshole just tried to fuck up a skunk. But the skunk got the last laugh. Holy shit did that stink! I mean for real that gave me an instant headache, and made me super angry. Of course the dog isn't that happy either. The only thing we could find online to do was rinse him off with Listerine. Then wash him a few times. Well that didn't work for shit, and he stunk all night. Next morning, I had to go to the pet store to get skunk soap that actually did work. But now, there is the essence of skunk in the bathtub where I tried to wash him down. Lord have mercy does that shit smell. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
dude as a former coon hunter of over 10 years. i can tell you that there is only 2 ways to get skunk smell out completely. 1 is a tomatoe juice soak and bath with only tomatoe juice no water no soap. and 2nd is to pile up a bunch of green leaves and light them on fire then take the dog and hold him over the thick white smoke thats rolling up from the leaves. either way the dogs gonna fucking hate you when your done. also you can get the smell out of the bathtub with amonia, not bleach. bleach wont do shit. good luck and burn anything not washable in amonia, its ruined
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 12:47 PM

Ketchup works or tomato sauce my dog has a fuck you. I dont give a shit your dead for stepping in my yard attitude toward them and i thought whites smelled bad. They smell worse when their dead whites and the skunks do also.
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 12:55 PM

this happened to my dog also LOL. I just went to sams club and bought a huge can of tomato paste. rub it in his fur for a little bit and then clean him of with regular dog shampoo. its something to do with a acidity in the tomamto that kills the smell. its also natural so its harmless.
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 1:49 PM

yeah I agree with rockinron
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 1:53 PM

I wouldn’t really do the ammonia thing though
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 1:55 PM

nevermind, I thought you meant using ammonia on the dog LMFAO
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 1:56 PM

sounds like these things smell worse than my farts
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 2:17 PM

I guess the dog pulled the leash out of your hands? But how long can it take to get the smell off a miniature Poodle?
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 3:00 PM

PS Roll your dog in a bag with African Americans. Trade one bad smell for another.
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 3:01 PM

Great. Now everyone around you thinks you smoke schwag... I've had many opportunities to get "skunked" but the dam skunk always took off... I was just as lucky with the cottonmouth.
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 4:29 PM

so you’re saying that Boston stinks!
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 5:29 PM

Tomato sauce/juice doesn’t work worth a fuck. What DOES work is this: Mix 2 pints 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup Baking Soda (or one scoop of "Shout" or "LA Awesome" or any of those solid "oxygen" laundry bleaches containing sodium percarbonate), and 1 Tbsp liquid soap (or baby shampoo if washing your dog). Wash your dog with it and spray it on your other shit. leave it on for a couple minutes and then rinse that stink down the drain. BTW, the only coons that cockinron ever hunts are the two-legged ones who charge him double for a fuck ’cos he’s an ugly white cunt.
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 6:14 PM

Here in Australia we don’t have skunks so I cant add any advice for you Jay, But after reading some comments The only thing that would make me feel better is for you to flip a switch and skunk fuck that white hater bigtalk.
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 6:27 PM

Who doesn't know about ketchup or tomatoe juice?????
posted on: 10-23-13 @ 6:44 PM

@chupamiverga stfu beanerrrr as for the topic will 2indastink has videos on his hard drive of dogs humping skunks if you’re into that sort of thing
posted on: 10-24-13 @ 1:25 AM

Jay D.
The skunk soap we used actually did a pretty good job. But I did buy some baking soda for the next time. I hope that knuckle head learned his lesson. @honkie, I wish he was a poodle, I’d shave his ass then!
posted on: 10-24-13 @ 8:23 AM