Quantity VS. Quality

on 10.26.2013

A couple buddies of mine were in a heated debate last night about quantity vs. quality, which was actually quite entertaining to watch. One claimed that he is the man because he gets more bitches and fucks a couple different ones every week. They may not be the best to look at, but they have vaginas. The other claimed he is the man because while he may not get as many different pussies, the ones he does get are top notch. So what would you rather have? A whole bunch of chunky monkeys and butterfaces, or a handful of bonerfied hotties? Discuss... --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Simple it’s like this quantity is like Chinese made and quality is German or American made... also if you have to put a bag on it’s head or can you brag about it in the morning...this thing I’m getting at is... never mind.....I need to get laid....
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 11:58 AM

all i know is i banged 43 women in my lifetime. they were mostly one night stands or short term fuck bubby but i had my share of bay watch girls. when the lights are out and your knee deep in it and about blast baby batter everywhere, it really dont matter about the looks at that point!! its all about just busting a nut!!
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 12:38 PM

As someone who is currently banging a quantity-grade chick, I have to say I’d much rather go for quality.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 1:03 PM

" A whole bunch of chunky monkeys and butterfaces, or a handful of bonerfied hotties" I don’t remember partying with you in the 90’s, but you pegged me. It’s been my experiences Work=reward. Some times you want a seven course meal; other times you just need the drive threw.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 1:16 PM

I am a graduate from the Gene Simmons' school of charm... Ask ten chicks if they want to fuck... One will.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 1:35 PM

I’ve tried the Gene Simmon’s charm and it does work, well kinda. They always end up with my wingman !?!?!
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 2:19 PM

Best BJ I’ve ever gotten was from a plump chick. If you want a quality BJ, you gotta go porker.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 2:51 PM

Wait untill you get married Adam, then the answer becomes crystal clear. I jerked ogf to this message.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 3:58 PM

I would take 10 crack whores who are down for whatever over that high maintence play boy pussy any day, I have had both and the problem is when they are not sucking or fucking they tend to be annoying as fuck and can't make a sammich and boy can a crack who're clean house!
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 4:00 PM

Its not even debatable. I'd take one good woman over a handful anyday. Rockinron I thought only women recalled and talked about the exact count of how many people they had been with. You are a sappy fuck.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 5:37 PM

Quality wins all the time.
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 7:46 PM

happyjack i can name everyone of them bitches. gonna come in damn handy if i ever come up positive for aids. then i know where to go and how to find each and everyone of them........and kill them
posted on: 10-26-13 @ 11:37 PM

^ quit your whining
posted on: 10-27-13 @ 12:20 AM

Quality... I remember the banging ones the uglys were primarily bjs
posted on: 10-27-13 @ 6:57 AM

Hay Rockin Ron don't fuck happyjacks mom agin that's the cunt that will give you Aids
posted on: 10-27-13 @ 10:20 AM