Got Me A Guitar

on 10.30.2013

I bought myself a guitar this morning. I've been playing my friend's for a couple weeks and I'm feeling a little less retarded with my fingers. Just a little. There were a couple times I got in the zone and shit actually sounded pretty good. I'm stoked to have my own and I have a feeling I'll be locking myself in my room for hours at a time until my fingers are sore as fuck. Hopefully not too sore to finger your sister though. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
And by guitar, you mean Big Black Dildo.
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 1:08 PM

My sister needs your whole fist to do her any good, I broke her in right!
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 1:16 PM

What sort of guitar? Acoustic, electric, bass etc.
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 3:28 PM

Your fingers will be sore as fuck. As long as they don't bleed, you can finger anyone's sister...
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 4:24 PM

Yeah.,.,,you spelled penis wrong
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 4:27 PM

Learning to play a instrument is the hardest and funnest thing you can do.
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 5:35 PM

@ the_aristocrat: It’s a Play Station 2 guitar.
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 8:47 PM

Lmfao!! Potro that killed me. +10 sir!
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 9:33 PM

@Bigtalk: The hardest instrument you ever played and continue to play is the skin flute.
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 11:18 PM

not the 1st time ya locked yaself in a room until your hands were raw, is it?
posted on: 10-30-13 @ 11:33 PM

A homosexual comment from gay spock how predictable.
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 12:15 AM

"Funnest"????? That is the best you can do bigtalk?? Another product of no ape left behind.
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 12:27 AM

Cory H.
Funnest is a regular superlative of the adjective fun. However, the use of fun as an adjective is itself still often seen as informal or casual and to be avoided in formal writing, and this would apply equally to the superlative form. Merriam-Webster, however, gives fun as an adjective without comment, and states that funner and funnest are ‘sometimes’ used. Because of the remaining stigma, most fun may be preferred in formal writing.
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 1:20 AM

i rock on my guitar all the time nigga NANANANANANANA
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 1:21 AM

Cory H.
Learn something new every day. I thought for sure you’d rock on a skin flute every day.
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 1:45 AM

Its a waste of time trying to teach that pigskin anything new Cory. His idol is half a jew FACT honkie.
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 3:19 AM

whats locking yourself up until your fingers are sore as fuck got to do with a guitar? you always do that anyways
posted on: 10-31-13 @ 3:24 PM

Cory H.
My last post was in reference to Biggertalk, not Adam.
posted on: 11-01-13 @ 7:40 PM