Happy Monday!

on 11.04.2013

Well, I'm back after a few weeks hiatus. Been busier than fuck on the weekends so me and Adam had to change a few days around. Have I missed anything? Anything new and exciting? Or are you all still the same old miserable fucks that I love? I hope to god you guys haven't changed. Y'all are beautiful just the way you are. Seriously! Beautiful like an orchestra of external hemorrhoids! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Nope, were still the same ole miserable fucks
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 1:09 PM

^^thats a hell of an understatement.
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 3:48 PM

My wife always says I’m a miserable old twat so I guess it’s true.
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 4:38 PM

lieing mother fucker!!we all know you got the ban hammer for a week for being a repost nazi! wellcome back asshole we all missed you!! don’t worry though our aims getting better!! but we all still love ya, you anal dwelling butt monkey.
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 5:18 PM

I missed the Re-posts. Seriously. I was looking forward to seeing the same pictures and the same videos day after day with no interruption. But now that your back to work get your ass going taking what was posted today and putting it on tomorrow. I cant wait!!!
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 5:27 PM

@ m1009: Who are you calling "ole miserable"? LOL
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 6:53 PM

@potrostation, well not knowing everybodys age, i just have to assume we are all a bunch of ole fucks
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 7:04 PM

i picked up some bad ass moonshine
posted on: 11-04-13 @ 9:51 PM

henry is back....excuse me while i go projectile vomit.
posted on: 11-05-13 @ 1:10 AM