Changing Weather

on 11.07.2013

My new house is really deceiving in terms of weather. I'm in a very hilly neighborhood and my place doesn't get much direct sunlight. The mornings are pretty chilli when I wake up, so I throw on some jeans and a sweatshirt to leave the house, and after a few steps outside I get hot. Then I come back in to ditch the sweatshirt and put on some shorts. But I keep the sweatshirt in my backpack cause it always cools off at night. It's such a nice change from shitty Florida where there are only two temperatures. Hot and hot as fuck. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you should try michigan sometime. we have 2 klinds of weather cold as fuck and hot as fuck!! 10 below in the fucking winter and 106 in june july! not to mention our 3 seasons up here. almost winter, winter, and road construction. i have no fucking idea why i stay. its gotta have something to do with sex though.
posted on: 11-07-13 @ 11:45 AM

^^^^ Understanding sheep you have there then Ron.
posted on: 11-07-13 @ 12:15 PM

how bout this? joek/jokes/joke_14.shtml
posted on: 11-07-13 @ 4:15 PM

Chuvash fight drugs Puncheon Achieve.
posted on: 11-07-13 @ 4:16 PM

Permanent hot weather kills me. I love England in winter, the rolling hills and snow covered fields are beautiful and a brilliant playground for motoX riding and 4x4 driving. Hot countries? You can keep em!
posted on: 11-07-13 @ 4:45 PM

@Ron. You forgot snow. Lake effect snow, blowing snow, sleet, slush, and hail.
posted on: 11-07-13 @ 9:04 PM

watch out someone might rob you
posted on: 11-08-13 @ 1:25 AM

@urapnes1701d your right i forgot about that miserable fucking simi frozen fucking slippery ass white fucking pain in the ass shit that falls from the black sky for 7 fucking months a fucking year!! sometime around november the sun go’s down, and the fucking sky stays grey and black until fucking march!! if you hate rain spend a winter in michigan ! you will love rain by spring!
posted on: 11-08-13 @ 5:23 PM