Wow Chrome Users

on 11.13.2013

Looking at our stats for crazy, it is clear, the browser of choice is Google Chrome. Whether that is a good thing, or bad thing, I'm not sure, but it is pretty amazing that over half of the 100k people that come to crazyshit daily use chrome. A few years ago, that browser would have been Internet Exploder...I mean Explorer, but you have that that buggy piece of shit for a more stable, yet spyware featured browser. It's ok though, I tend to use Chrome myself. I doubt though my freaky web surfing is not as bad as some of you out there. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Perv! +1
posted on: 11-13-13 @ 3:44 PM

Still waiting on my t-shirt Jay ?
posted on: 11-13-13 @ 3:46 PM

The big bros use the Gaggle Crack browser.
posted on: 11-13-13 @ 4:42 PM

Firefox for me. Love the options I can equip.
posted on: 11-13-13 @ 5:17 PM

Why no crazyshit iPad app? Oh yeah, I use google too.
posted on: 11-13-13 @ 6:18 PM

Google chrome. Is that a new plating process for a car bumper?
posted on: 11-13-13 @ 8:39 PM

chrome user checking in heh heh heh
posted on: 11-14-13 @ 12:58 AM

All browsers are insecure. The winner of the popularity contest is the one attackers target. Hate to say it but IE11 isn’t half bad. Still use Opera for torrent sites.
posted on: 11-14-13 @ 1:10 AM

internet exploder Jay...search engine of choice in the middle east
posted on: 11-14-13 @ 4:18 AM

Cory H.
I still use the Facebook browser.
posted on: 11-14-13 @ 9:32 AM

windows 98 mother fuckers!!
posted on: 11-14-13 @ 2:38 PM

OH FUCKING DUUHHHH! Only a fucking cock sucker uses GOOGLE. They cloud everyfucking little search and every cookie that has ever been viewed on Chrome via your agent is now in their care, they gather information and are slowly compiling the worlds largest fucking data base. You have been hacked dickheads, stay the fuck clear of Chrome or any Android tools. Use MAC, and SAFARI, Design your own agent and get yourself via a proxy or even two.
posted on: 11-15-13 @ 6:11 AM

It bothers me that you know what browser I am using.
posted on: 11-15-13 @ 8:14 AM