A Senseless Suicide

on 11.19.2013

Did you hear about this 9 year-old boy who killed himself because Asian kids were bullying him for being white? How fucked up is that? How could something like this happen? Why didn't his parents teach him that being born a white male is the best thing a person could ever hope for. It's like winning the genetic jackpot. White men have more opportunity than anyone else in the world, and this kid threw all that away because of some Asians. Seriously, because of fucking Asians? Maybe if this kid had spent some time on Crazyshit, he would see just how fucking weird and disgusting Asians can be, and his suicide would have been prevented. In fact, he could have turned the tables and maybe the Asian kids would have killed themselves because they didn't want to grow up to be shit-eating freaks jacking off to cartoon porn with frogs in their underwear. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You are right. And this is why it baffles me why you Adam, have chosen to be a Gay white man. smh.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 1:54 PM

wait ....jacking off with frogs in your underwear is weird shit? well damn it, life has way to many fucking rules!
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 3:42 PM

Great story it made my day that and the line "white best thing" BWHAAAAAAAAA thx for the laugh haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 4:03 PM

Those asian kids wanted him to eat da poo poo!!!
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 4:34 PM

Should have bucked up and asked them why they're eyes can open sooo wide.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 4:39 PM

@Bigtalk. I got a better story: Once upon a time there was a blind racist asshole named Bigtalk who had no disregard for the torment of children. So one day he was walking down the street and out of nowhere 322685678215265 stray bullets came out of nowhere and hit him in the head, his family was killed, his gene pool was ended, and all traces of his existence were eliminated. The end. I like that story!.. Say what you wants about blind racism, But don’t EVER fucking say that a child committing suicide is a "Great Story" and that it "made your day". People like you pollute and corrupt the gene pool with everlasting filth and disease.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 5:44 PM

All he had to do was drop his pants and show them that his pecker was twice as big as theirs was
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 5:48 PM

This is my mouth gay spock and i’ll say what the fuck i want to. Your story sucked i couldn’t connect with the main character.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 6:33 PM

Being born white in the USA might be winning the genetic jackpot but if you are in Canada it’s like losing , there is no help in Canada for white people, in fact there is only help for natives and immigrants.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 7:23 PM

LMFAO!!!!! that was the best shit that has ever been said thank you for that.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 7:26 PM

The more Asians you have, the more you have no go areas for whites. Feel like an outsider in your own country? Yep, it’s a worldwide problem, welcome to modern day living 2013 it’s fuckin shit.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 7:27 PM

I think you should Ban bigtalk again, Not because he’s black. Because he’s a nigger.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 8:07 PM

Poor lil dude needed a big brother; to let the lil guy know his dick is already twice as long as there’s. He should of whipped that big tree out and scared those other boys.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 9:23 PM

@Bigtalk: The only parts of a character you connect with is their penis with that mouth of yours. Do the world a favor and submit a self immolation video to crazyshit so we can all enjoy.
posted on: 11-19-13 @ 11:46 PM

What I want to know is wtf are the chinks doing here,ship them all back.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 1:03 AM

Go fuck yourselves, if the kid was a black kid who kliled himself over what racist white kids said to him you would all be laughing.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 3:30 AM

Cory H.
A future high school shooter takes himself out.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 6:47 AM

@ biggertalk As a father myself i would never laugh at any kid taking their own lives, black, white, yellow,or other, any child of any race or type is sad to lose.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 11:19 AM

Bigtalk, did any of your mammy’s kids live?
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 11:45 PM