10 Years Ago Today

on 11.20.2013

Wow how times flies. Today is not one of those better days in my life. It was 10 years ago today that my father passed away from lung cancer. While I do not share a lot of my life here on CS, this is one of the things I did share. There isn't a day goes by and I don't think of him, and I'm sure I drank a thousand beers and as many Jager shots to help ease the pain, which it never does. With time life has gotten better, but never totally. Deep in the back of my mind, I am always thinking about my Dad, and how much I miss him. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay, not often i go soft but here goes. Be as good a man as your dad was to your son or better and little Jay will think as you do what a great dad he had. P.S. Enjoy the time you have ( and heck the time we all have ) as we never know when it will be over. Peace y`all ( fuck i sound like Wisconsinjed! ) P.P.S. All our loved ones are never gone until we forget about them.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 3:21 PM

We are all on borrowed time tell the ones you love how you feel now not when their in the grave.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 3:36 PM

Wtf, bigtalk! You made sense today!
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 4:26 PM

Jay you are a brave dood showing feeling on this site. Other than lust for the "would you hit it" section
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 5:27 PM

jay my dad died when i was 24 years old. he’s been gone now for 23 years. i loved him so much that i buried him with my own 2 hands(cremated). it was the tuffest thing i ever did. but it was nothing compared to how much he did for me and my brothers and mom. time heals all wounds but never close’s the heart and my hurts everyday brother. you never forget but you learn to cope. marcodafour is right, raise your boy the way that your dad will be proud and tell your boy about your dad often and you and your dad will live on in your boys heart after you have left this shitty world. life is fucked up and loseing your old man when your young makes it twice as tuff and makes you twice as tuff. i feel you dude.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 5:57 PM

Ya know, none of us are getting out of this alive.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 6:20 PM

well if its any consolation, i wish it was my dad that had lung cancer and not yours. he was a bastard.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 6:42 PM

I lost my Dad a week before Christmas 2001. I wasn’t there when he passed. I was deployed to Bosnia. Mom and I buried him the day after Christmas. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him or think about him. I hope I’m still making him proud. That’s all we can do brother, hope we are living our life how they hoped we would.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 7:17 PM

Having cancer sucks so bad. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody except for child molesters and rapists. I wish I could go just one day feeling somewhat normal but I’m constantly fatigued and nauseous.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 7:41 PM

you’re fine tree don’t worry about it! anyway sorry about your dad brah..... no seriously.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 7:51 PM

Next week is 8yrs since I lost my brother. I think of him often and will see him again in the next life as with everyone else I’ve lost over the years.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 8:11 PM

Reading all the coments made me think of my lost love ones, then I get to the bottom and see a dude stroking his huge cock, WTF
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 9:26 PM

my mom beat cancer in 1981, but it got her in 86. dad was such an ass, that she didn’t even get treated. she died at 59 7 he made it to 84. I didn’t go to the funeral.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 9:42 PM

Cory H.
And even after ten years, some days are like it just happened. There’s no forgetting, that’s for sure.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 10:33 PM

I lost my dad 4-1/2 years ago to a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball,I don’t think one day goes by I don’t think of him. He was an asshole growing up but maybe living thru great depression and war would do that to a guy,we became best of friends in my adulthood and talked on the almost everyday,he was 80.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 11:08 PM

Lost my dad and only brother within 6 weeks of one another in 1989, an my mother 5 years later, all three between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It sucks in too many ways to mention. Time takes some of the roughest edges away, but the hurt from the loss and memories are always there. I used to love the holidays, now 24 years later I still hate them, because the people aren’t there to enjoy them with. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them and miss them terribly. My heart goes out to you Jay. May all our departed loved ones rest in peace, and may we all be at peace with their deaths.
posted on: 11-20-13 @ 11:35 PM

I'll be calling my dad tomorrow....
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 12:01 AM

everyone that still has a dad or mom, get the fuck off crazyshit for a little while and call your dad or mom. tell them you love them even if you don’t. life sucks when you can’t. i know this for a fact.
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 2:27 PM

my dad hates me
posted on: 11-22-13 @ 12:44 PM

^So does your mom.
posted on: 11-23-13 @ 5:21 PM

Okay guys--I haven’t lost my father or mother yet, but my aunt, who had been a huge part of my life, passed away a year ago November 5th.....5 days before her birthday. Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, and put up a helluva battle. In the end, the cancer got into her brain. I still have moments when I want to call her about something, and then I remember...she’s gone. But I cherish every memory made with her.
posted on: 11-24-13 @ 6:40 PM

And ron: I will NOT call my mom or dad. They don’t love me, and I don’t love them. My aunt was a better mother to me than my own mother.
posted on: 11-24-13 @ 6:47 PM

My grandfather was the father I never had. When he pased away in ’98, I was devastated. I cried like I’d never cried before. And for good reason. See, I was a rather...unhinged...kid. ADD and Bipolar disorder, when you are unmedicated, is a disaster. I really love dmy grandfather, but when he was taking me home, something happened, and I told him I hated him. It wasn’t true, though. I was just an angry kid with problems. He passed away on the operating table 2 days later. I can still see it like it was just yesterday, him laid up in the hospital with tubes in him and an oxygen mask that made it impossible for me to understand him in his weakened state..I was the first person there, and I felt so fucking ~helpless~, dude. I told him I loved him, and that I’m sorry I didn’t make it sooner. School was starting the next day, and the asshole who dared call himself my dad (Stepdad) made me go home..My grandpa was in the fucking hospital, DYING, and this sad sack of shit made me go home for SCHOOL. Never forgave the bastard for that. I still think about my granddad a lot. Sadly, though, I’ve all but forgotten the sound of his voice...wish I could hear it again just once..even if it’s to scold me for something...
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 10:57 AM