9 Inches

on 11.21.2013

I've been solely using my 15-inch laptop to work for the last couple months, while my 24-inch desktop sat by all lonely and unused and shit. But this week I've been working on a project which required the desktop, and holy shit, 9 inches makes a huge fucking difference. It feels like everything is super-sized like a motherfucker all of the sudden. It's pretty cool. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i know it’s too stupid to as this question in there site, i am nauseous and don’t have any appetite since last 15 days, doctors are sending me away after prescribing some anti nausea pills.
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 10:39 AM

what could be the reason ? ( this is a effing serious)
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 10:41 AM

^^^^^ You should have swallowed. Now you r preggers. Congrats.
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 10:53 AM

You do know that the way a man measures 9 inches is actually only 5 inches. Just ask any woman.
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 11:44 AM

Sounds like a genetic problem to me!
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 11:50 AM

@iluvkitty - Swallowing is the best @azzholee... No mess.... Too bad you’re not feeling good, Maybe I can show you sometime! get at me! :0
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 1:54 PM

think azzhole has been over doing it with the 9inches and now shes up the duff
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 2:47 PM

adam is the only guy i know that would be excited about getting 9 inches
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 3:27 PM

Comment lost in translation...
posted on: 11-21-13 @ 4:50 PM

Nigga i thought you wuz talkin about my dick fo a sec, but then i wuz like nawwww i’m bigger than 9 inches, i’m a little over 10.....
posted on: 11-22-13 @ 2:31 AM

Hmmm looks like you like looking at yourself in convex mirror at the county fair. Azzholee, the doctors in the states are in most cases , worthless. Sometimes you actually have to go to another country to get the care you need. I know of a doctor that told me of a instance that a kid died from mersa and they didnt give him life saving drugs because the medical test were not to come in for week. Needless to say you know the kid died a pretty bad death.
posted on: 11-22-13 @ 10:31 AM