Back In The Warmth!

on 11.25.2013

I'm not bothered by the cold. I actually enjoy it, at times. But, I'll tell you what. I'm glad to be back in sunny South Florida after a week up north. This time of year up there is just fucking miserable. Get's dark at like 5:30pm, just cold enough to be confusing on what to wear and shit is just all blah. Also, there's a lot of frumpy chicks up there. What the fuck? Perfect time of year to get some exercise raking leaves, doing Zumba, snorting coke or what-the-fuck-ever ain't sitting around. Anyways, it's nice to be back...in Florida, not here! Fuck y'all! Haha! Have a good week fuckers! Love always, Henry M.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you big fucking pussy!! how far north did you go? kentucky!! takes a real man to live in the real north! bring your pussy ass to michigan in january and i’ll show you how real men party! shit we still have bon fires in december up here! your fuckers just get to damn pampered by the southern weather! and real women are from the north, some of the finest pussy i ever had was from michigan wisconsin and canada. all i got from florida was skinny no assed bags of bones that would fuck for a crack rock and gave you a bonus of crabs!! fuck florida and its fucked uo roasting heat! give me a state where people hafta rub their bodys together to stay warm any fucking day! oh and we love you too henry. even though your a weather wimp
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 1:23 PM

Sure it’s colder in the N.W. But I don’t have to deal with Cubans.
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 4:43 PM

Yeah... So? Wet cold is worse than dry cold.
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 5:01 PM

can’t wait to go back to Florida this December it’s getting to cold in NY to fast,,,, should have been in the 40’s to day not the 20’s...
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 5:38 PM

Well where I am in the far north of England it’s already getting to -4 at night time and winter hasn’t even started yet. Then again I live in the countryside so it’s always beautiful.
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 9:20 PM

Henry M.
Ron, I’m from Finland. Michigan weather is for pussies!
posted on: 11-25-13 @ 11:44 PM

i love it when it gets dark at 5:30 pm
posted on: 11-26-13 @ 12:42 AM

henry, you fuck ass! why aren’t you here on the weekends anymore, huh? i like reading your bullshit on saturday nights at 3 a.m. it’s a real hoot for me. oh, and one caveat: if any of you fuckers plan on watching "dallas buyer’s club" then bring a fucking barf-bag to the theater. there are some things one can’t unsee. AIDS ass ni66az! smh o_O
posted on: 11-26-13 @ 6:37 AM

thats funny henry. the international world association on weather lists michigan in the top 10 worst places to be in the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere in populated area’s, along with Wisconsin Minnesota and north dakota. we get lake effect and arctic shift snow storms. it starts in late november and it don’t stop until late march early april in the upper peninsula.and canada don’t even get hit as hard as we do around the great lakes and upper plains states. finland made the top 20 on that list.
posted on: 11-27-13 @ 9:51 AM