on 11.30.2013

I think Shit Mania 2013 is finally over. I ate on Thanksgiving until I couldn't move. Then when I was finally able to move a little, I ate some more. It was great. But yesterday was a day full of shitting. Lots and lots of shitting. And no eating. But now I think I'm pretty much cleared out, so I think it's time for leftovers. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’ve been sick all fucking week and weekend and as a result could not embellish in the joys of eating turkey, cranberries, stuffing, candied yams, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, pies, mashed potatoes, gravy, and so forth. Its downright depressing. I feel like I missed Thanksgiving in a way. Thank you cold virus, you fucking knob jockey cunt. Hope my antibodies rape your fucking faces off. Teach you to fuck with my Thanksgiving.................. fucking cold...............
posted on: 11-30-13 @ 2:55 PM

you know when you got mad shits is when you gotta give yourself a courtesy flush.
posted on: 11-30-13 @ 3:22 PM

Out with the old... And in with the new.. Or leftover...
posted on: 11-30-13 @ 5:08 PM

by january i’m gonna be sick of turkey spread, caserole,soup,and sandwhiches !! for another 11 months
posted on: 11-30-13 @ 8:03 PM

I’m right there with ya, urapnes. I was hooked up to a chemo pump during Thanksgiving. Fuckin sucked!
posted on: 12-01-13 @ 2:23 AM

you dropped some rockinrons huh adam. ^ so sad when someone as young as yourself has to deal with what i think is colon cancer? get well soon for me will you.
posted on: 12-01-13 @ 3:20 AM

Jay D.
@treehouse21 That really sucks! Make sure to use your ant-nausea medicine as well.
posted on: 12-01-13 @ 9:01 AM

^^Every 45 minutes I need it.
posted on: 12-01-13 @ 10:19 AM