Cyber Monday

on 12.02.2013

So, anyone getting any hot deals on this fine, fine Cyber Monday? I sure as fuck ain't! Fuck all that bullshit. I'm sick of all the holidays getting all commercialized and what-not. I mean, am I the only one that's like what the fuck when people are putting up Christmas shit before it's even fucking Thanksgiving? Shit's out of control! I don't get it. But, whatever. As long as I have you guys I'm happy! I love you turds and want nothing more than for you guys to have a mighty fine HOE-liday. Where the fuck have the user titties been? Come on ladies! Bust em out and send them here! Let's get some holiday cheer flowing through the veins of Crazyshit shit!Enjoy yourselves, BITCHES! Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
sheeple (people) are too greedy and dumb
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 4:20 PM

Dear Satan Claws, I'd really like to see some CS user tits and ass.
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 4:23 PM

Holy fuck Henry, you must buy the same shit over & over for your loved ones at Christmas. Holy fuck man, how many toasters does your mom have ?
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 5:04 PM

Actually, I am not finding shit. No job, no money. So fuck it--I just may overdose on insulin. And no--I am not going to record that shit.
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 5:06 PM

If you have none wendi I'll send you some... insulin. Ever try prostitution, lmfao ;)
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 5:11 PM

i prefer cyber sex monday woooo
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 5:26 PM

posted on: 12-02-13 @ 7:39 PM

@ohwickedwendi....when are going to see your user tits? You know it will greatly benefit us dirty minded men.
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 8:00 PM

only deal i got was at a porn site.
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 8:41 PM

Before long, we will start celebrating negro history month starting right after Haloween.
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 9:57 PM

the cyber volume slowed down the registers when I went food shopping
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 10:01 PM

Cory H.
@crazyvet Shouldn’t it be the same month as Halloween?
posted on: 12-02-13 @ 10:49 PM

^^Great comment Cory.
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 9:15 AM