A Trip Down Memory Lane

on 12.03.2013

I'm not sure why it popped into my head, maybe I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic today, but back when we had an office in Florida, Jay's mom used to come by sometimes and do some work of her own. One day my allergies were really acting up and I was sneezing up a storm, so being the kind motherly type of lady, she walks in my office to bring me a box of tissues. I don't recall exactly what was playing on my monitor at the time, but I know it had at least two people naked performing some raunchy, disgusting sex acts that you really don't want your friend's mom to catch you watching. I thanked her for the tissues and she left the room as fast as she could without making it too weird. It was pretty awkward. It was also pretty fucking hilarious. Ahh, memories. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
The truth be known, she probably left fast because you didn’t have pants on!
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 2:53 PM

you know you were using those tissues for something else, well played
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 2:56 PM

only thing that is weird is you adam
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 3:01 PM

in a hosp. kitchen, one of the supervisors was gay. an older lady volunteer delivered flowers, for him & got so flustered at bringing flowers to a man, that she had trouble finding her way out
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 3:42 PM

At least no one shit themselves!
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 4:23 PM

damn good thing you had the tranny porn on or she may have jumped on your shit and banged the crazyshit outta you. that would have definately put a strain on your friendship with jay!!
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 4:55 PM

is his mom hot
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 6:02 PM

Ahh, memories says Adam. He still has this vision sort of mapped out in his head like a mini porn script. Jays mum gives him tissues whilst he’s bashing the bishop and curiously looks at him. Seconds later he’s licking her arsehole whilst she pulls him off. The tissues come in handy eventually.....Adam has this porn vid in his mind like all us men have wank banks.
posted on: 12-03-13 @ 7:33 PM

The truth is it was your fist cougar experience.
posted on: 12-04-13 @ 1:20 AM