Sorry We Can't Help

on 12.15.2013

As you might imagine, we get all kinds of email from people all over the world. One specific type of email that is not uncommon is guys wanting to get into porn, and they think we can help them. It's always some guy from Africa or India or some shit like that, and they will attach a head shot that looks like it was taken for a passport or yearbook. They just want to travel across the world and fuck white women on video. That's admirable enough. Unfortunately for them, we are not in the business of getting foreigners into the wonderful world of porn. But thanks for the emails. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
unless they live in rio and then you will go bring them here personally! we all know your a porn mule that works outta RIO adam just admit it! you been their twice now telling us it was "MMA fighting" competition’s you were in. sssssure adam its your lie tell it any way you want.
posted on: 12-15-13 @ 1:49 PM

At least you know who to contact if you need your garage door opener fixed.
posted on: 12-15-13 @ 1:56 PM

That’s how aids gets here.
posted on: 12-15-13 @ 7:25 PM

Don’t they shoot their own porno’s over there? In Africa it’s probably with monkeys and India they use cows.
posted on: 12-15-13 @ 7:26 PM

rockinron and solidbriscoe asked you about getting into the gay porn industry?
posted on: 12-15-13 @ 11:41 PM

i’v had to play audience to some excruciatingly bad excuses for entertainment in my life. three top the list: 1). i once attended a house party that transmogrified into a rap battle involving two suburban white kids (if i didn’t laugh, i would have cried); 2). i’v sat through a tyler perry movie (oh, the rigors of dating black girls); 3). i once got catatonically stoned and was coerced to watch the avn awards on tv. there are three types of dumb in this world: cute dumb; not-so-bright dumb; and then there is porn dumb. rubbing shoulders with porn dumb on a daily basis is the equivalent of intellectual suicide. what i’m saying is, i could never do porn... well, i’d do a shoot with noe milk. she speaks portuguese, so it would matter not what inanity came out of her face-hole
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 1:04 AM