What Would You Buy?

on 12.16.2013

I have a idea I would like to share with you all. What if, we totally got rid of these shitty porn, dating and big dick ads, and just sold stuff here on crazyshit as a way to pay our bills? That would be pretty awesome I think. But what could we sell that you might buy? Fake poop, T-shirts, coffee mugs and beer coozies? How about a rubber fist. That sounds fucking awesome, you could be the life of the party. Well, while we kick this idea around, maybe you can chime in below and leave us some ideas, so we can get ride of these ads. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
sounds like agod idea...but...how much do you think you will sell here and you will have to keep getting differant stock to keep the cash comming in, which in turn means you could end up with unwanted stock which ties up money. by the time you have bought the stock paid somebody to pack and post it you may not be any better off. If you realy want to do this i would keep the ads and open another page on this site were you can advertise what you want to sell. that way you keep the money from the ads and hopefully make a profit on the merchdise...and dont forget my 10% for advise
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 4:09 PM

I’d pay $100 for you, adam, and cory to record and post you guys punching henry in the face really fuckin hard every time he does a repost.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 4:50 PM

I don't think it's a good idea. I mean it's awesome, but you most likely wouldn't be generating in the amount of money you would be with the ads. The shop might boom for the first few months, but then start decreasing as the store's stock either most likely wouldn't change very much or would need to keep trying to come up with new stuff or buy new stuff to sell. I like Vulture's idea. Open the store, but also keep the ads up. Gag gifts would be interesting to see being sold on here
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 5:58 PM

You could sell medical marijuana to VIP members.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 7:09 PM

you could also sell medical mary jane paraphernalia. pips and bags and funky shit like that has a huge customer base.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 7:12 PM

How about a penis enlarger that really works or a vagina shrinker?
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 7:44 PM

No Jay. If some cheep bastard can pay for the internet he can cough up 10 bucks a year to avoid dick. Pay per view used pussy pics and or vids would be cool.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 8:29 PM

Sell cool lighters, condoms that leave a tattoo on your dick after use, bulk ballons, dog tags, incense, still framed shots of impacts, air heads, chop sticks, bumper stickers, mint eye drops, crazyshit chapstick, beer bongs, urns, bottled water, dog bones, cs rib rubs, calenders, clocks, pillows, crazyshit dark roast coffee beans, sleds, umbrellas, gift cards, i wanna find that weird body soap dr.crazyfucks or watever, fridge magnets, black light posters, shot glasses and lawn darts.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 8:46 PM

Cory H.
Dart boards, shot glasses, beer mugs, ball caps, CS farting monkey, etc.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 9:45 PM

btw fuck these na sayers....remove the huge cocks in motion advertising and stay true to bringing badass shit to this site n ppl will rock this shit! If u keep the gay shit tho only poor molested freaks will still visit here. This site rocks but those dicks everywhere....well it blows dude.
posted on: 12-16-13 @ 10:35 PM

crackers would buy all the dildos for themselves heh heh heh heh!!!
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 1:30 AM

You will never sell as much of anything as porn.
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 1:31 AM

To me the ads aren't really a big deal. I never click on but I do pause and take a second look of those thick milf ads. I don't hardly notice the others. Not the best idea to start a business just to support another business. You have to ask yourself, why would I come to crazyshit to buy this or that, unless it was a product exclusive to crazy shit. For just run of the mill items you will have an extremely hard if not impossible chore of trying to compete with the major online retailers. I would stay with the low maintenance porn ads. For your clientele, porn and violence is by far going to out sell coffee mugs and t-shirts.
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 9:08 AM

Ok here’s my two cents, because that’s probably all it’s worth. Lose the porn ads, open a store, keep the membershit open...but instead of paying for an ad free site make it so crazyshit members are the only ones that can post in the forums of course, but also have other membershit benefits. Like maybe have monthly contest for members only, give members exclusive content, maybe give members some limited moderator capabilities. Maybe look into one of your porn site friends, and collaborate to give members access to their content.
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 9:48 AM

Some of my ideas for the store would be- key chains, mouse pads, posters, mugs, glasses, gift cards, bumper stickers, crazyshit monkey pendant, fridge magnets, xmas ornaments (yes I’d put it on my tree), toilet paper holder, crazyshit mobile app, hats, beanie hats, socks, pj pants, crazyshit clock, then stuff for gag gifts....go crazy!
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 10:09 AM

Oh I forgot the most important thing....for the Asian fans of crazyshit SHIT FLAVORED GUM!
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 10:26 AM

Jay D.
@chupamiverga is that everytime he reposts?
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 11:57 AM

Jay D.
@graveyard shit flavored gum might be the key to our ruling the world.
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 11:58 AM

I love Ad-Block plus. I don’t know why more people don’t use it. I don’t see a single ad on this site ever.
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 12:01 PM

$100 dates with good looking 18-25 year olds women in our area, U take 20% and the girl takes 80%...must be in a public place only...no hotel or home....
posted on: 12-17-13 @ 12:47 PM