What Do Moms Want?

on 12.18.2013

So who out there has some good Christmas gift ideas for moms? I know what I'm getting your mom, but what are you getting her? What do moms even want besides your lazy ass to get a real job and move out of her basement? Maybe some fine coffee or chocolate? A gift basket of scented lotions and ointments? A day at the spa? A time machine so she can go back and make sure your dad pulls out? Do you fuckers have any ideas? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
your moms getting a vagina overhaul after i give her her present this year!
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 3:00 PM

Well Adam, I am getting my mom that cure for that STD she got last Christmas from some lowlife. Be careful.
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 3:41 PM

Stop lying tonygay your mom is white she was born with aids. FACT!
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 4:18 PM

I always give my mom a hard time for pissmas.
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 4:46 PM

Get a nice photo of you and her and put it in a frame. Mums love that shit.
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 6:39 PM

My mom needs to get laid. I don’t hate anyone enough to set that up.
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 7:38 PM

I am getting my mother a stripper pole so we can celebrate festivus for reals...!
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 9:51 PM

bigtalk would get his mom something if he had any idea who she was.
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 11:24 PM

moms want a biggertalk dildo
posted on: 12-18-13 @ 11:48 PM

my mom’s sitting on 6 figures and pulls up in a audi on me. anything my measly check could afford her would be an insult. i spend my dough on that backpage fun.Lol incall bitches fr fr.Lmao hit’em off with a bouquet of 80 roses and a bitch will do a backflip with my dick in her mouth if i say so. bitch say i’m too handsome to pay. like i give a squirt a piss.
posted on: 12-19-13 @ 7:59 AM