Are You Ready?

on 12.20.2013

Are you all ready for Christmas? Have you spent every last fucking penny on buying gifts for people? Have you??? Well I haven't. Not directly at least. My significant other has bought things for people and in some way I paid for those gifts, so in actuality, I have bought stuff for people. Ta da! Now all I have to do is buy some things for her. I have a plan, on Monday, I am going to go commando (yes, I mean, no underwear) to the mall, and get stuff for the love of my life. I'm hoping they have stuff left over, but I'm sure they will. Then I am going to drink beer. Lots of beer. Then wrap presents. That's a pretty solid plan. You think? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Think I'm missing something here. What does going commando have to do with going shopping for your girl? And not to change the subject, but what city did you end up moving to Jay??
posted on: 12-20-13 @ 4:01 PM

well atleast you won’t piss your funderwear when you get piss drunk later ! and glory hole access should be easyier also.
posted on: 12-20-13 @ 4:34 PM

I'll give my lady a hard time. It's cheap and I don't have to wrap it!
posted on: 12-20-13 @ 4:35 PM

posted on: 12-21-13 @ 1:49 AM

I haven’t bought a single present yet.
posted on: 12-21-13 @ 6:38 AM