Smokey Neighbor

on 12.21.2013

My neighbor has a fire pit and I know this not because I've been over there to hangout, but because my house smells like a damn campfire right now. It's a nice smell and all, but if I'm not sitting by the fire keeping warm and making smores and shit, I don't feel like smelling it all damn day. If only I could find a way to fill their house with my ass smell. That would make me feel better. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
That burning smell is your ass when you supposedly wouldn`t touch knobs in the public bathroom remember Adam ?
posted on: 12-21-13 @ 3:18 PM

take the shot out of some 12bore cartriges and throw them in his pit..he’ll smell his own shit job done
posted on: 12-21-13 @ 3:46 PM

better yet take a shovel and rake his coals back in his fire pit when its cool and fill it with dog shit then put the ashed back over the dog shit, sit back from afar and enjoy the reaction.
posted on: 12-21-13 @ 3:56 PM

Could be worst. You could have a Korean neighbor and the house would smell like burnt dog.
posted on: 12-21-13 @ 5:08 PM

Santa is going to bring you colon cancer, you humbug fuck.
posted on: 12-21-13 @ 6:39 PM

white trash man
posted on: 12-22-13 @ 1:18 AM

Have your boyfriend rub his dick all over their house. That should get your ass smell all over their house.
posted on: 12-22-13 @ 9:37 PM