That's The Breaks

on 12.29.2013

Did you watch the UFC last night and see Anderson Silva break his leg? If not, then you can check it out below. That was some crazy shit to see. I was happy to see him lose in their first fight since he was acting like a fucking dickhole, but I was rooting for him this time. I figured win or lose, it would probably be his last fight, and he deserves to retire the champ. But obviously that won't be happening. Tough break for the best MMA fighter of all time. Literally. On another note, would you rather fuck Ronda Rousey or Miesha Tate? And how does it make you feel to know that both of them could kick your ass? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Ronda Rousey, ftw. But I’d let either one of them beat my meat.
posted on: 12-29-13 @ 3:32 PM

gonna update the news & jokes, before 2014?
posted on: 12-29-13 @ 4:20 PM

Meisha Tate all the way...Rousey seems like a huge cunt! And that second head she has growing out of her cheek scares me a little.
posted on: 12-29-13 @ 4:57 PM

posted on: 12-30-13 @ 2:31 AM

MY VIP STATUS IS GONE!!!! (my membership ran out weeks ago but I was hoping my status was glitched and would stay there forever) MY VIP STATUS!!!!! :’( :’(
posted on: 12-30-13 @ 2:32 AM

idk, but i don’t like to shit on the next man’s sport, but to me, if it’s not according to the marquess of queensbury, then it’s ass. grown men in tights, rolling around inside of a cage, just seems very ’me tarzan, you jane’ type shit. but hey, whatever, brah. @biggertalk what’s that C.S. life like? catch me in traffic...
posted on: 12-30-13 @ 6:22 AM