Common Courtesy...

on 12.30.2013

So, today I have a question. What the fuck happened to common courtesy? I mean, what the fuck? I'm an asshole, there's no doubt about that. But, I do it the right way. I treat idiots like idiots and people like people. So, when did driving 10MPH below the speed-limit in the left-lane become fashionable? Or not saying thanks to a person holding the door for you? Or a slew of other things. Fill me in on why so many mother-fuckers lack common courtesy. Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
It gets worse with each generation. Schools are just underpaid baby sitters and don’t have time or the manpower to teach manners. Kids don’t respect their parents or aren’t around them enough to be taught by them.
posted on: 12-30-13 @ 3:30 PM

^he said it all, not much i can add to it. except wake the fuck up america and start raiseing your kids instead of letting them raise themselves!
posted on: 12-30-13 @ 3:37 PM

They feel like there entitled period.....i’m a quadriplegic and have opened doors for people without a thank you
posted on: 12-30-13 @ 4:45 PM

like when adam don’t give you a reach around when he fucks you in the ass henry?
posted on: 12-30-13 @ 7:00 PM

white people like whobe lack common courtesy! it’s in their genes!
posted on: 12-31-13 @ 12:51 AM

i used to bitch about the lack of common courtesy in the world, but then i had to check myself. you see, i don’t believe in shit; and i think that the last lingering hope, of a quasi-enlightened man, for some kind of order in this universe, is in karma. i would say that even your average atheist still believes in something closely akin to the idea of karma. what you reap, is what you sow. if i’m a decent chap, then i expect to be treated as a decent chap in kind. but i do not reap what i sow; and my decency is met with disregard and disdain. in this world, the wicked prosper without the fear of reprisal. these are the facts. now, should we face these facts, and still find ourselves able to maintain our integrity in decency, then, my brothers, we have achieved something sigmund freud referred to as ’being self-governing.’ to be self-governing in this barbaric, random series of idiotic events that we call life, is to be godly. peace to all my broGODZ! i’m a dying breed...
posted on: 12-31-13 @ 6:06 AM