I'm Here For You

on 01.03.2014

I got the call bright and early this morning from Jay that Henry couldn't do updates, but since I was sleeping I didn't know. So when I saw the message, I jumped right out of bed and onto the computer to make sure you got your daily crazyshit. Well not exactly. First I scratched my balls while laying in bed until I couldn't hold my piss anymore. Then I went down the street to say what's up to the hippie chick who brews my morning java. By the time I got back home, the coffee was kicking in and it was time to drop a deuce. With all of these important tasks out of the way, I could sit down and see what fucked up shit I might find on the interwebs today. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
and we appreciate your efforts adam, now about this hippy chick, you boning her yet?
posted on: 01-03-14 @ 5:40 PM

^^or is she boning you, Adam? Does she smell like patchouli or skunk weed?
posted on: 01-03-14 @ 8:12 PM

You gotta put first things first, Adam. We all know you can’t go posting crazy shit without scratching your balls first. In fact, I would imagine if you’d skipped any one of those crucial steps, you would have thrown off your rhythm and posted stuff like...well, like what Henry puts up.
posted on: 01-03-14 @ 11:17 PM

posted on: 01-04-14 @ 1:50 AM

broGOD HD puffing on that O.G./cali kush i breathe. no stem, no seeds./and i breed that envy. what i am, you’d love to be./i am mephistopheles. you’d be faust to deal with me/you’d be fucked if on my street. trevor block ain’t for the weak./my little cuzzo got the heat. i give the word, and you gone sleep./mr. sandman when i speak. when i tote you see a beam./infrared to dot the eye (I) and you know i’m a cross the T./here’s a cross wrapped in wreathes. rest in piss, my enemies./and on my wrist, no watch to see; i got no time for fucking peace./you see my waist, you see my piece; wave it around like hippies be (peace)./and deuces to that girl sherice. that new year’s pussy was heavenly. ya’ll know....
posted on: 01-04-14 @ 5:49 AM

would someone tell this ^^^fucking towel head he is not black!
posted on: 01-04-14 @ 11:34 AM