Wild Card Weekend

on 01.06.2014

Did you guys watch some NFL playoff games this weekend? They were some good ones. I was a little bummed to see my Packers get eliminated, but oh well. I won't lose any sleep over it. The best game I saw was the Colts coming back from a 28 point deficit and beating the Chiefs. I could give a fuck about either of those teams, but that shit was exciting to watch. With my team out, I'm rooting for Denver now cause I like Peyton. He seems like a good, clean and wholesome white boy. Just like me. Jay's calling a Broncos vs. 49ers Superbowl match up. I'm inclined to agree, but you never know. On a down note, I won't be eating any of Jay's famous Superbowl chilli this year. My tongue is disappointed, but my asshole is pretty grateful. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
im with jay on the superbowl, Broncos vs. 49ers. just put some redhot on a cucumber and drive it up the hearshey highway a few times and you wont miss jays chili anymore.
posted on: 01-06-14 @ 6:43 PM

Oh come on Adam, you can tell us the real reason your asshole is grateful...and yeah I think it’s Denvers championship to lose.
posted on: 01-06-14 @ 8:47 PM

No, I don’t want gridiron at all, because it is gay like rockinron.
posted on: 01-06-14 @ 9:03 PM

"My tongue is disappointed, but my asshole is pretty grateful..." aww, adam; but i bet you say that to all the pretty boys.lmao that’s a zinger.
posted on: 01-07-14 @ 6:14 AM

NFL, gridiron...sounds more boreing than UK football...but Jay’s chili sounds good providing you keep the loo roll in the freezer
posted on: 01-07-14 @ 7:03 AM

Stick your tongue in your asshole and they may both be happy..
posted on: 01-07-14 @ 11:05 AM